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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 24th 2009

Wallace & Gromit are now starring in their very own mobile game adventure!


Help Wallace find his way through various levels by finding plans and spare parts to build his cracking contraptions. With obstacles and famous baddies including Feathers McGraw to halt you in your journey, the ever faithful and long suffering Gromit is there to give you a helping hand.

Including over 10 challenging levels with more than one way to reach the goal and 3 bosses to overcome, this game will give you hours of cracking good fun.

"Wallace & Gromit Adventures" is available to download to your mobile phone from various networks in the following countries:


Please visit the Studio X website for more information.

ilkka Posted: Jun 24th 2009

Thanks katie!!;):D

kameatrix Posted: Jun 24th 2009

Will it be out on Virgin mobile?

kieran Posted: Jun 24th 2009

thanks katie!

Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 24th 2009


Wilsations Animations Posted: Jun 24th 2009

Old News

Cameronl23 Posted: Jun 25th 2009

Will it be on SAMSUNG mobiles

mortmort Posted: Jun 26th 2009

Are you going to make a morph mobile phone game next?:D

mortmort Posted: Jun 27th 2009

I've played the demo,it's cool:D

skalouis Posted: Jun 28th 2009

it looks cool

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 28th 2009


mortmort Posted: Jun 30th 2009

i have no idea but its cool trust me

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

how about small countries like philippines and Hong kong???

frankiben123 Posted: Jul 8th 2009

wow....nice post.....

ryster102 Posted: Jul 8th 2009

When I'm Older,I Think I'll Get That Mobile Game...In The UK!;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 8th 2009

WHY NOT AUSTRALIA!!????!!??????
c' cant do that.well technically you can.but i bet that there are a lot more w&g fans in australia than in austria or cyprus!:'(

niguli Posted: Jul 9th 2009

any game/app for iPhone ? :'(

number Posted: Jul 19th 2009


kieran Posted: Jul 26th 2009

i cant get this game because i haven't got the right phone network.:-(

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 4th 2009

What phones will this work on? iPhone by any chance...?

jills Posted: Aug 18th 2009

How great is that?! I might have to move to a different country >:-)

ajmole Posted: Jul 6th 2010

Leaving out America, eh? :-(

kaurkomal88 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

hey I am stuck with this game on elevel 7 (Chapter 2) pelase help me out.

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