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Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 26th 2009

Well i was think 4 wallace and gromo fan a new range of door bells saying

hello old pal its me , or Oh dear :D i dunnooi

Lozi101 Posted: Jun 26th 2009 not too keen on this idea

Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 29th 2009

I t`s o k

cheesefanatic Posted: Jun 29th 2009

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... that's an okish idea but it would work better in bedrooms for children I'd buy one!;)

crackersandcheese Posted: Jun 29th 2009

I think it's a good idea. The doorbells could say something like: Cracking cheese Gromit or I'm inventing mostly!!! :D

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 29th 2009

belive it or not,i don't think wallace has ever said 'Cracking Cheese,Gromit',it's wierd,it's a bit of a famous misqoutation.

crackersandcheese Posted: Jun 30th 2009

Actually, now I think about it I don't think he has. I think becasue wallace likes cheese evryone gets it in to their heads that he says cracking cheese gromit!! :D

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 30th 2009

he's said stuff like 'Cracking Wenslydale' and 'Cracking TOast' but wierdly never cracking cheese

fluffles the poodle Posted: Jun 30th 2009

i think hutch may have said it in cotwr but I dont think wallace has ever said it...

I like the idea though fifi :)

Fifi1997 Posted: Jun 30th 2009


crackersandcheese Posted: Jul 1st 2009

Wallace says Lovley cheese, for rabbits that is, in cotwr (I think):)

Wilsations Animations Posted: Jul 1st 2009

There used to be a W&G doorbell

Fifi1997 Posted: Jul 2nd 2009

Oh :-(

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Wilsations Animations is correct, W&G doorbells do exist:

but unfortunately they are out of production now, so you will probably only be able to get them second hand now.

burger303 Posted: Sep 3rd 2012

I have one of these still boxed and never opened... Since it appears to be rare does anyone have any idea how much it's worth? Thanks

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