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Harry Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

What Is Better For Modelling Still Objects And Tops FIMO Or Sculpey, I Think Sculpey Is Good Because Its Got Diferent Types And The Rubber One Will Be Useful But Fimo Is Also Good Because I Find It Easier To Work With As Sculpey Get Soft In Less Than A Muinite Of Modelling So I Dont Know What I Would Go With, I Might Use Just Newplast For The Top But I Need Something For Like Other Stuff, What Do You Think, You Can Only Say One Of Them, Obviously, But What One Will It Be For You, I Think I Will Proberly Go With FIMO Because I Would Still Use Sculpey For Hair But I Would Use FIMO For The Top And Shoes , Is It True That You Can Put A Magnet In The Bottom Of The Shoe, I Might Try That But Wont The Oven ExPlOdE! ! ! Anyway, FIMO Gets My Vote!

What About You?

Merry Christmas

dungaree Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

I think sculpey is better because its cheeper but the pack is quite small but you get a crazy amount when its in your hand so I will say sculpey is better. I made a animation with some newplast and it went quite well. I can say that there was a smooth line through all of the short, it added up to be 10mins but it is not on my computer it is on my dads so I guess i might be able to show you it sometime but my dad has all his artwork on his computer so I dont want to be the one who breaks it! My vote goes to sculpey then.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

I don't know where to get either!:D

jordan Posted: Dec 23rd 2007


Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Do you know where to get them, Jordan?:D

Harry Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

I Know, Local Art Shops Theres Normally A Little Rack Of Sculpey

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

We always seem to run into each other, Harry. Are you on this web a lot?

Go W&G Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Well Fimo is good for baking clay things and Sculpy is good for detailed parts of models so Fimo gets my vote.But Sculpey is also pretty good to use.

jordan Posted: Dec 24th 2007

i live in the same area as harry which is pretty handy to tell harry which shops to get stuff etc

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Are you and Harry good friends, Jordan?

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