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Gromit Loves Fluffles Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Hi I'm new and I recently went on a trip to Boulogne {in France} with school and in the Ferry shop I found a Fluffles toy I bought it and wanted to know if any one else had scene it or if it is even and official Aardman product.

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 4th 2009

it looks like a aardman toy. not sure though. how big is it?

Please Enter Posted: Aug 6th 2009

I think it is because one of the Wallace and Gromit competitions they're giving away one.

Sammy the lamb Posted: Aug 6th 2009

Whoa! Where do you get one?

Sammy the lamb Posted: Aug 6th 2009

Oh I see.
However, comparing to the pictures you guys have shown, it looks nothing like it.
False avertising eh? Tricky.

Vidpal Posted: Aug 18th 2009

i have that one

00Failure Posted: Jan 27th 2010

yeah i think it is cos thats the one i won in the august competition:D

dog51 Posted: Mar 6th 2010

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 6th 2010

theres a difference..... the in the aardman store has a toy like tht i think..... who no's, mayb some1 just made their own

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

It is official

MissNathalieVintage Posted: Jun 28th 2012


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