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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Our 23rd ‘Creation of the Month’ has now been drawn. Well done to everyone who took part – we had a fantastic range of Wallace & Gromit models this month, plus a wide selection of drawings, paintings and baked-goods! June's winners are as follows:


1st Prize – A Gromit window washer, keyring and poster, plus a signed certificate from Nick Park
ftrz00kpr with some wonderfully life-like models of Wallace & Gromit

Runners Up – A Wallace & Gromit poster and keyring
COSSY16 with a fantastic first-time model making effort of Wallace & Gromit - they’ve got some great expressions!
Fawfulhasfury with a cleverly composed poster drawing of Wallace & Gromit in “Fright of the Bumblebees”
egorthegreat with a stunning Wallace & Gromit scarecrow Cracking stuff!

Top Bun Award – A set of Wallace & Gromit Baking Kits
miss walace with some carefully decorated Wallace & Gromit cookies - they look delicious!

Congratulations to all our winners! We will be in touch shortly regarding your prizes.

If you didn’t make it this time, why not enter again this month for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Wallace & Gromit exhibition at the Science Museum! Click here to enter now »

The next draw will take place at the start of August. Good luck!

cavor Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Super win ftrz00kpr it must have been the big smile on Wallace's face;)
And what great runners up to

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

The thing is i enterd 1 month ago and still hassnt come on

cavor Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Try up loading for this months Creations contest it may have not loaded properly last month
Good luck Benny 123;)

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

I entered another one crossed fingers it works

cavor Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

Cross all your toes as well|-)

dahl Posted: Jul 3rd 2009

realy goooood i wish i won!

dahl Posted: Jul 4th 2009

as i said before realy goooooooooooooooood!


ilkka Posted: Jul 4th 2009

well done!! ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Jul 4th 2009

well done evryone!

Fifi1997 Posted: Jul 4th 2009

wHAT Bout Morph

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 5th 2009

It didnt work :'(:'(:'(:'(

iantimothy Posted: Jul 5th 2009

they don't put them on weekends

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 5th 2009

Im holding my own contest on my blog and giving away prizes!
For more information go to "GET READY! For the announcement of the winner!" topic in the Community HQ

SheepLuva Posted: Jul 7th 2009

hi gromit lad want to be buddies????

miss walace Posted: Jul 7th 2009

I wonder how they can choose...
they must get lots of stuff every month.:O

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

I wonder if they really send the prizes and if it really is as good as it looks in the pictures...:-|

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

If someone wins can they tell me if they really get the prizes and if it's good??? thanks. because the baking sets look too good to be true...:D

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

do you get all the baking sets or just one???

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

sorry i have so many questions to ask.
Please answer them if you can... thanks!;)

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

wallace007 Posted: Jul 7th 2009


fluffles the poodle Posted: Jul 7th 2009

great winning entries guys,congrats :D

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 7th 2009

concon Posted: Jul 11th 2009

well done

egorthegreat should be 1st prize though.

ben 2 Posted: Jul 12th 2009

1st looks cool but like concon egorthegreat should be 1st:D

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 13th 2009

No need to be buddies, the contest is still going, and yes I am giving away prizes, too. So come on and jump in the contest, theres been a lot of hard working people in it!

gromit99 Posted: Jul 14th 2009

I keep checking to see if the winners are posted but every time I click on "Past Winners" it does not show June's creation of the month. :-( WHY??

Benny 123 Posted: Jul 17th 2009

Gromit lad can i enter
Creation of gromit is made of plastercine

jills Posted: Jul 18th 2009

Fantastic creations, everyone

gromit99 Posted: Jul 20th 2009

Benny 123, it's plastICine, not plastercine. ;)

Sammy the lamb Posted: Jul 22nd 2009

My cerfitiate hasn't turned up yet. Alought I did send it on a weekend.

Benji13 Posted: Jul 30th 2009



Please Enter Posted: Aug 7th 2009

Benny 123 it's too late to enter now but FANTASTIC creation!:D

concon Posted: Oct 17th 2009

Benny123 you never made that it is a collectible Wallace and gromit action figure . I have the whole collection of them !

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