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orpansky Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

who thinks that the wallace and gromit the curse of the were rabbit is the best movie ever

J-Snake Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

not me...

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

One of the best. I like the Simpsons Movie as well, though.

spain Posted: Jan 10th 2008

A bit

goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 10th 2008

troble mill

i got it its copyright but i know what happens

ha ha chock

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 11th 2008


paco417 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

I wouldn't say it is the best movie ever.. but i would say it is the best W&G film so far! 8)

kld wallace Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

it is the:wallace3: best movi:wallace4:e ever :wa:wallace1:llace:D2:

gromit96 Posted: Mar 10th 2008

The best wallace and gromit movie

kieran Posted: Mar 16th 2008

yeh i agree

curt t1 Posted: Mar 22nd 2008

i would say the worst w and g move yet is cotwr. its great but not as good as the shorts.

rasberry Posted: Mar 23rd 2008

:gromit1:DUH OF COURSE IT IS BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rasberry Posted: Mar 23rd 2008


kld loves wallace Posted: Jun 19th 2008

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssttttttttttttt film ever

holly1208 Posted: Aug 13th 2008

I prefare the other & films!

1.The Grand Day Out
2.The Wrong Trousers
3.A Close Shave
4.Wallace And Gromit-The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

wallacey Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Everyone loves The grand day out.. but i love other films like harry potter but the curse of the were rabbit is excellent

mud Posted: Aug 19th 2008

i think cotwr had to many characters it would be better with less people and besides nothing can beat the origanals

kieran Posted: Aug 20th 2008


nytf Posted: Aug 24th 2008

ok i loooooove it

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2008

One of the best movies ever i dont really have a favourite but it is the film i have watched most and transformers

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2008

oh i forgot the simpsons movie as well

RandomPerson Posted: Oct 31st 2008

It's been my favorite movie for almost three years. :D
I like how they opened up Wallace and Gromit's town up as well and still managed to retain the old feel.

crackersandcheese Posted: Nov 1st 2008

I like:

1(best)-A Grand Day out
2-(2nd best)-The wrong trousers
3-(3rd best)- The curse of the were rabbit
4-(least faveourite)-A close shave:D

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 1st 2008

The curse of the were rabbit is my #1 favorite movie of all time

crackingtoast Posted: Jan 25th 2009

it's my no 1 favourite movie. it is the best. and the best thing is,dispite pairing with dreamworks,wallace and gromit didn't go really hollywood.

allyb23 Posted: Jan 26th 2009

Yh but i still think that the christmas wallace and gromit was defonately the best so far

iloveardman Posted: Feb 1st 2009

I loved it.

wandgfanatic Posted: Apr 29th 2012

I second SavedbyBishop! 

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Dec 13th 2012

the most fantastic and adventerous film ever!!

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