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bbtall Posted: Jul 23rd 2009

recently for my birthday i got a latch hooking kit.i am just wondering if anyone else likes latch hooking, and has tips or just wants to show a picture of their latch hook creations.if you do not have pictures you can talk about tips or you can just look at others and describe yours. hopefully i wil get a lot of pics of creations. it is ok if i only get one too.

bbtall Posted: Jul 25th 2009

it's the next day. i have not gotten any responses.:-(:'(:'(:'(

iantimothy Posted: Jul 25th 2009

wats latch hooking?

bbtall Posted: Jul 31st 2009

hard to eaxplain, ill try my best though. you take a tool and run it through a colored pattern with small pieces of colored yarn attached to the tool. when you are done, you cut out your design, wich is usually HUGE, and make it into a pillow. it'd basically look all fluffy and colorful.:)

cavor Posted: Aug 11th 2009

Sounds like rug making

bbtall Posted: Oct 9th 2009


KayLax10 Posted: May 9th 2010

i like latch hooking!

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