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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 24th 2009

This week the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first people to land on the moon - something that Wallace & Gromit know a little something about!

You may remember that in Wallace & Gromit’s first adventure “A Grand Day Out” they built a rocket to take them to the moon in search of cheese.

To celebrate this occasion Robert Harrop Designs are offering Wallace & Gromit fans the unique opportunity to purchase either a complete set of the 4 pieces in their Grand Day Out collection, or the iconic Rocket Musical box as an individual piece. Each of the figurines will be individually signed by Robert Harrop and dated 20.7.2009 which was 40 years to the day that man first stepped on the moon. A Signed Certificate of Authenticity will accompany each piece

Hurry - offer ends 31st July and only 40 sets available!
The offer will be supplied on a strictly first come first served basis.

For more details visit the Robert Harrop website »


ben 2 Posted: Jul 24th 2009

not sure i think i would like it signed by robert harrop my plan was to get it signed by nick park:D

coombey Posted: Jul 24th 2009

that looks so cool

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 24th 2009

So I visit that website and buy them? Sorry, Katie, I'm always stuck with the question on buying things. Is it the crackingideas website again?:-(Sorry, but I'll try the link you gave out. They look amazing, I'd just want to buy them all, other then waiting to get them signed...

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 24th 2009

wow... 100 bucks... 59.99 for the music box...:'(:-(
Can't ask my parents about that... All I have is about fifty bucks in my wallet....Ebay! Lets look for used ones! Er... Idk if someone would want to resell those figurines!

wallace007 Posted: Jul 24th 2009


oneforthealbum Posted: Jul 25th 2009

I feel a little cheesed off! I purchased all five of the Grand Day Out figurines when they first went on sale - I would have liked mine all signed by Robert Harrop / a signed certificate!

I also purchased all four of the Matter Of Loaf Or Death figurines when they first went on sale and then Robert Harrop offered a discount after this!!!

Michael2008 Posted: Jul 25th 2009


Gromit lad Posted: Jul 25th 2009

I orded the whole set off ebay and won the bid! 35 bucks for it all! |-)

liammustapha200 Posted: Jul 26th 2009


Gromit lad Posted: Jul 26th 2009

My mistake Craigslist, I need to slow down and read what I type!:O

gromit and owen Posted: Jul 29th 2009

i found a signed pic of wallace and gromit .....100 quid on ebay

Nathan M Posted: Aug 4th 2009

I really want these figure things or the bakery ones just wallace and gromit tho. i hope i will be able to get em from sumwhere :/.

pengi502 Posted: Aug 5th 2009

I recently bought my Limited Edition 1,000 Wallace and Gromit A matter of Loaf and Death Wallace figurine and Gromit figurine from Robert Harrop in Jackfield, Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire. Where abouts do you( Nathan M) live (as in country)?

Nathan M Posted: Aug 5th 2009

England, I tryed going to a shop in town. They had had none bakery ones left but had the old looking moon ones. but i only have enough for the two bakery ones (and there the ones i really want anwyay) anyway so this shop said they had none in of the bakery and did say they would be getting more but dident say when so i dont know what to do.

pengi502 Posted: Aug 5th 2009

You could always try to shop on the robert harrop website, and they are definitely not out of stock, there is about 500 Wallace's and Gromits left, and it is free postage to the UK.
Here is the link to the Robert Harrop website.
Hope I have been of help.

Nathan M Posted: Aug 6th 2009

thanks ive ordered them now and on there way 500! im shocked worldwide only 1000 and ppl have only bought 500

pengi502 Posted: Aug 6th 2009

Ok then, that's good.
Glad to be of help. Now, which ones do I get next?.....

Nathan M Posted: Aug 6th 2009

I would get the moon ones, so cool. but so expensive at the same time lol.

pengi502 Posted: Aug 7th 2009

the grand day out wallace and gromit are about the same price, so I think i'll get them next

Nathan M Posted: Aug 7th 2009

i really want the wallace and gromit moon figures but only have £40 left so i need to get £18 from somewhere lol, these are so expensive but i can see why.

Nathan M Posted: Aug 8th 2009

yey i have ordered the wallace and gromit moon ones

pengi502 Posted: Aug 10th 2009

have the bakery ones turned up yet?

Nathan M Posted: Aug 10th 2009

yes, they tured up this morning :D i was so exited when a big box arrived lol

pengi502 Posted: Aug 13th 2009

Cool, what do you think to them?

Nathan M Posted: Aug 14th 2009

there brill :D i got the moon figures today

pengi502 Posted: Aug 15th 2009

that's good

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