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BlooChicken Posted: Jul 25th 2009

Heres the promised script I ment to put up a while back, I was away at camp this week. This is only part 1 and it has sene 1-4 there are seven scenes. To find more, look up a claymation in the works. The script is not a new W&G film.

A Gem of A Jam

Scene 1

(Ike sits at the table reading the paper, Vernon enters the room a little while later)

V: Morning.

I: Morning.

V: So, whats new on the news?

I: Well, you know what they say, no news is good news.

V: *sighs* I guess so....

I: You don't seem to pleased. Why so?

V: It's just that, I wish our lives were more exciting.

I: What kind of excitement is there?

V: I don't know, but just something.

I: Well, come with me to the shops later, maybe then you'll feel better.

(Vernon just shrugs)

Scene 2

(The scenee changes to a street, after a few seconds Vernon and Ike walk up the street, Ike is talking his voice grows as he get's closer) she says to him that it was like no way but then she says yes way so it's like a impending.

V: I think I'll head back to the house.

I: Alright, but let's have some lunch first. Here's a cafe.

(Vernon nods his head and the two walk in)

Scene 3

(Vernon and Ike are seen sitting down at the table)

I: Let's see....I'm going to have a steak pie and chips, what do you want?

V: Same thing.

I: Alright.

(Ike gets up and returns a short while later)

I: Our order coming. Let's look at what we bought.

V: Okay.

I: Don't be some mopey.

(Ike looks a small bag he was carring earlier)

I: Let's see....some lightbulbs...soda...a new shirt

(As Ike speaks, Vernon bends down to pick something up)

V: What the?

I: What's that?

V: It's a plan to steal dimaond?

I: Wow.

V: From the Clatson Museum.

I: Who dropped?

V: A group of guys just left and one of them dropped this.

(Ike reads the paper)

I: Wow, this is real, those guys plan to steal the Forthys Dimond from The Clatson Museum.

V: Oh no...come on!

(Vernon runs off and Ike follows)

Scene 4

(Vernon and Ike arrive home and Vernon slams the door)

Vernon: I'm going to call the police.


V: Just...Ug!

(Vernon runs out of the shot)


(Ike walks to the other room and Vernon is heard)

V: Hello...yes is the police?...Oh, thank you....yes with the'm reporting a diomnd thfet that going to it hasn't, I found it on a Hello?

(Vernon grumbles as he walks to Ike)

V: They hung up on me.

I: Figures, who going to believe a story like that?

V: Nevermind, we can't let those crooks steal the dimond.

I: What if we catch them?

V: What?

I: It's simple enough. We go to the Clatson museum tonight and catch the crooks.

V: But,but-

I: You said you wanted excitment.

V:Alright, let's do it.

I:Good and now put the kettle on, it's been a off day.

So their you are, the first four scenes of A Gem of a Jam. I already have my voice actors and will be throwing in an extra part. Part 2 will be up soon and maybe later today. That is all. Just post if there any questions.

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