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Gags Posted: Jul 29th 2009

This may sound nuts but i have always had a feeling that one day we will see a W&G theme park with a runaway train for the train chase in The Wrong Trousers and balloon rides on the bake o lite balloon. What do you think? Could you think of any other rides that could go in a W&G Theme Park?:D Gaz xxx

Dan E4 Posted: Jul 29th 2009

A lot more rides, just fink of all of them:
A rocket ride,
A go in the rong trousers,
A ride on the wererabit.
Ore even a ride on gromites helicopter from a close shave!

concon Posted: Jul 29th 2009

Wallace's broken Coaster. Full of flips and turns and unexpected turns. I designed a W& theme park a few years ago for a school project. :D

number Posted: Jul 29th 2009

a rocket ride,where you go up very fast ,then loops around
the moonand then you go back down to earth?

i think it's a good idea myself but what do think about it

Shaunzie Posted: Jul 29th 2009

it would be well cool to have a wandg theme park!

Gags Posted: Jul 30th 2009

i think its a good idea but i feel like it would have to have hotels incase of tourists staying so what could you have?
I have an idea that the biggest hotel could be tottington hall

Could u think of other hotels to go @ and G theme park?

i love wallce and gromit Posted: Aug 15th 2011

there should be a ghost train with all the villens from wallace and gromit e.g preston and victor.

Leeseyboy5 Posted: Aug 19th 2011

Maybe a ride where your chasing the were-rabbit like Gromit does the first time he sees it

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 19th 2011

I definately know I would go!

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