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Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 30th 2009

Why is it that most of the best Wallace and Gromit collectibles are only available in either the U.K. or Japan? I realize that those areas have a larger W&G fanbase, but we people over here in the U.S. love them too, so why don't we get all the goodies over here?

wandgfan21 Posted: Jul 30th 2009

Well mainly i think we in the uk get it more because we do have a larger fanbase and its also the birthplace of wallace and gromit and it is it's main audience.
I japan they are fanatical about lots of things games consoles,elvis and wallace and gromit. Not to mention a love for animation.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 30th 2009

I just find it odd that we get so much merchandise for things like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and other franchises that would generally be associated mainly with the U.K., but we don't get much when it comes to Aardman collectibles, which is very sad.

jordan Posted: Jul 31st 2009

japan gets a load of cool aardman merch they have been for years, there getting cool amolad stuff at the moment!!

BJWanlund Posted: Aug 5th 2009

I also am wondering when we'll get some AMOLAD stuff here in the USA, but I did hear on the Digital Bits website that the special would hit DVD in the US sometime in September...


iantimothy Posted: Aug 5th 2009

september 21! i cant wait!

wendywearswool Posted: Sep 28th 2009

I had to pay a small fortune with the US/UK dollar/pound exchange rate to purchase the "Fleeced" board game!

Grumblefish Posted: Sep 28th 2009

I know exactly what you me I live in the US as well. If we do not import something we just don't get it as well. I fully understand about companies like Aardman worried about a market for such items especially animations. But there are those like me who will pay just about anything for what we don't have. I was lucky to find an original release of Creature Comforts with the marvelous short Wat's Pig. Everyone I know wants a copy of it, but they can't get it. Could at least more be available on Itunes here. There are in fact less Shaun Shorts on Itunes than on the DVDs in the stores.

Calls Posted: Jun 5th 2011

You might find some on e- bay or the aardman online store.

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