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BlooChicken Posted: Aug 2nd 2009

Here's the rest of A Gem of a Jam script.

Scene 5
(Night has fallen, a double door way is seen and above a sign saying "Clatson Museum" ,Vernon and Ike walk into the shot)

V: Alright, it's just about time.

I: Can you hear anything?

V: No not really...wait! I hear people inside.

I: Let's go.

(Ike opens the door and runs in, Vernon follows after)

Scene 6

(Complete darkness is seen, no lights, just sound)

I: I can't see anything.

V:Quiet down.

T2:You hear something?

T1: Stop talking to your self I'm busy.

T2: That was't me.


T2: I swear.

T3: Be quiet you two.

T2: I'm not lying.

T3: Whatever, just shut up.

T1: I think I almost in.

T3: Good, now hand me the tools.

T2: The what?

T3: The tools you buffon.

T1: Did you forget them?

T2: No...maybe.

T1: Aww just great.


(Light is shown and then a phone rings)

Scene 7

(The phone is still ringing and the light fades to a shot of the hallway, Vernon walks to pick it up)

V: Hello?...yes...oh, no it was nothing...of course...yes we'll pop by it's fine...alright...goodbye.

(Vernon hangs up and walks into the living room, Ike sits reading the paper)

I: Was that the police again?

V:Yes, they won't stop saying how thankful they are.

I: Well, it's to be appricated.

V: I think I've had enough excitement for a while now.

I: Thank goodness for that!

(They both life and end)


Theres the end of A GEm of a Jam, when it's realease is I'm not sure.

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