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Mark the shark Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Hello. I am in a bit of a jam as the W&G comics have stopped being made. There was ONE issue that I missed :'(and I was wondering if I can use one of the other comics and still submit and get the old one. Can I still do that? :)

Josephine Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Mark the shark, petal! Get in touch by snail mail with their publishers, Titan Magazines, at the following address: 144 Southwark Street, LONDON SE1 0UP. They are bound to have loads of back issues for & mag. Give it a try and let us know what happens...I'm still gutted after all this time that there are no more! :'( I'll treasure the ones I've got!

cjayp33 Posted: Dec 28th 2007

Then click on back issues(they have all 26)

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 28th 2007

Yeah, so will I Josephine! And thank you very much to both of you!:D

cjayp33 Posted: Dec 29th 2007

ask them why they stopped it too:-(

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 29th 2007

Yeah, that's a good idea! Thanks!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 5th 2008

Thanks everyone!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

This is soooooooo old! But I need Katie, who has been oblivious to it for a month. I need to bring it to the front for her to see.:D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Mark, we get asked this question a lot (eg so I thought I'd answered it already, plus it looked like the rest of the forum members had already helped with your query.

The W&G comic is taking a break for a while, it had been running for a long time and so it has stopped so that new ideas can be generated. We hope to see it return again, but for now it is unavailable. You will need to contact Titan if you would like to order back copies:

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Thanks very much, Katie! I hope it comes back soon. What if some of the members here could donate some suggestions for the comic strips?:D

Fish Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Yeah....that would be COOL!|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 11th 2008

WAHOO! Hey, Fish!;)

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