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Go W&G Posted: Dec 27th 2007

If anyone has tips on modelmaking please tell me.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 27th 2007

Er, hmmm. I will try my best. I would be asking the same thing as you to tell you the truth. But what I know what to do and do it quite well, I think, is to sketch the characters from every angle so that you know what to sculpt. Lately, I need help too. I need advice on modelling Wallace and Gromit. We're on the same boat. :D

Go W&G Posted: Dec 27th 2007

I have a tip, if you are animating you should probably write a story down or draw a storyboard.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 27th 2007


lemon06 Posted: Jan 1st 2008

Not really:O

mrpianokeys Posted: Feb 9th 2008

one tip i'd like to give that i've noticed on some peoples animations is to keep objects still instead of accidently hitting them so when you watch it you see it move when you don't want ;)it too e.g a tree,

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

HELLO MRPIANOKEYS!!! HEEEEELOOOOO!! Sorry, I was tempted to do that!;)

cavor Posted: Feb 9th 2008

I personally don’t like seeing that ice rink effect with the feet sliding around instead of being static:D

purple and brown Posted: Feb 10th 2008

when your animating a mouth moving it's good to smooth over the bottom of the characters mouth before you take a clip;)

mrpianokeys Posted: Feb 10th 2008

yes thats a very good tip!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

That is a good tip! Thanks PandB!;)

purple and brown Posted: Feb 10th 2008


Fourthtry Posted: May 9th 2008

How do you make tears for a puppet to cry. What if the puppet is throwing something,what if you want it to rain for a scene? How do you make flames for a burning building if you film is about fire fighters zooming to the rescue?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 10th 2008

In order for a character to cry you could either use blue plastcine or sea-through salophane and animate it running down the characters cheek. To make a puppet throw someting you can use very thin string (fishing wire) and put the object onto the end of it. Animate it flying through the air and hopefully when played back you wont be able to see the wire. For rain you can either add it on later with CGI or put small pieces of salophane onto the lense of the camera. I'm not quite sure how to do flames all I can suggest is adding them on with CGI.

Fourthtry Posted: May 10th 2008

I got a Bratz stop frame Camera for Christmas last year and I still haven't figured it out yet. So naturaly I haven't even yet started on my first animation.

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