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Anton1 Posted: Dec 29th 2007

Does anyone know which software Aardman use for their feature films, advertisements and shorts.


Mark the shark Posted: Dec 29th 2007

If you are talking about CGI then it is Maya. If not, mind if I join the club?;)

hutchandbob Posted: Jan 5th 2008

there are loads more types of software you can use. not just the one aardman uses.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 7th 2008


Modelmaker93 Posted: Jan 21st 2008


Ulead 9 or 10 or 11

Sony vegas 8
I use them all Monkey jam i use for capturing and animating it and then i use ulead to edit it all and add special effects

Hope that helps

Bitzer the dog Posted: Jan 21st 2008

are they free modelmaker 93???

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

Monkeyjam is ulead costs £150 and the others i forgota bit pricy

conty Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

modelmaker, ive heard that sony vegas is really good, how do you rate it, and how easy is it to use, and do you use a free trial or have you purchased it, sorry loads of questions there!!!!;)

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

yeah errrm Sony vegas i have only just got it but my mate(coddy) i work with him and do martial arts, anyway he says it is really good and it is really hard i have the full version.

Go on youtube and type in Coddy1985 watch all the clips there is about 4

I do all the stuff he does except for the backflip off of the wall that hurts

P.s hope that helped

Mcbennybob Posted: Jan 23rd 2008

I think that the software they use at aardman is with Super 8 cine cameras, but i know that the software and equipment costs A LOT!!!But the best software to start with is probably MonkeyJam or Logitech image studio which you can download off the internet. Just buy acheap webcam download the software and your away!!!|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Mcbennybob, the way you are downloaing Maya and stuff I say you're quite a law breaker.:O

cool chris Posted: Feb 4th 2008

i use a digatal camra and windows move maker

dachappell Posted: Feb 5th 2008

They used to just use film cameras but now they're going digital 4 trouble @ da mill, so maybe after that we can find out what software they use:)

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