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Inika_Unite77 Posted: Aug 23rd 2009

Now that the series is over with, i decided to review it in its entirety.

"Fright of the Bumblebees"

A brilliant and original storyline makes this a classic season premiere. It was a great introduction to the new characters we would be getting familiar with in the next few months. However, it did freeze once or twice, and could have used just a bit of polishing.

Best factor: Story
Verdict: 80%

"The Last Resort"
In my opinion, this is the second best of all the games. While some claimed it wasn't as fun because for the majority of the game you were stuck inside Wallace's home, I found this made it a bit easier (which i liked) and just the idea of making your house into a resort was really cool. The graphics seemed to stand out in this one because of their bright colors.

Best factor: Graphics
Verdict: 90%

Easily the best of the bunch, Muzzled stood out because of its bright environments, good story, and the BRILLIANTLY acted Monty Muzzle. It also had the most laughs, especially scenes involving chickens. I reccomend this one the most.

Best Factor: Humor
verdict: 95%

"The Bogey man"
The grand finale was not as great as the two before it, but was still fun to play. The puzzles were this games highlight, as they were the most difficult out of all the games. A brilliant score also stands out the most in this game, as the new tunes are some of the series best. However, overall it feels a bit rushed, and the graphics are a bit weird at times.

Best Factor: the puzzles
Verdict: 79%

All of the games had a few points counted off, as they were all rather short. However, you come to expect this from Telltale if you play their other games.


This has been my favorite Telltale series so far, and I can't wait for the dvd! Compare my review to yours or display your opinions in the comment section. :)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 8th 2009

Nice review! It's very interesting to hear what you think. Has anyone else got any reviews or comments?

Vidpal Posted: Sep 8th 2009

i can't play it yet, they have to put it on the WII shop too

Inika_Unite77 Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

its not going to be on wii....only xbox 360. yeah, im bummed too, as i just got a wii

the mag Posted: Oct 30th 2010

only xbox!? i'm bummed to, cause i have a ps2.

a cup of tee Posted: Mar 11th 2013

i got it on christmas day 2010 got them all santa actually typed in my dads password and logged in  and then downloaded them all on 2011 my dads computer broke wiping all the memory including the games so disapointed but my dad got a back up thing and restored them all actually i will go play them now bye

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