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slartibartfast Posted: Aug 26th 2009

does anybody have any idea whats next for wallace and gromit as a big fan i cant wait does anyone have any idea of what the storyline will be or whenn there doin another film

WGromit Posted: Sep 1st 2009

i want to know to! i am there biggest fan ever but i hope that it is a short and just like the old ones!

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 7th 2009

both of you are not their biggest fan. none of us on the forum are. i'd say the biggest fan is Steve Box or Bob Baker. it can't be nick cos he created wallace and gromit,though he does knw everything there is too know about them.
oh,and slartibartfast,please change you're avatar. that's GLB's and you know it and taking it without his permission like that is stealing.

cavor Posted: Sep 25th 2009

I don't think fans come any bigger than Seb(moderator)with his dedicated W&G fan site

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 27th 2009

thanx for drawing my attention to this ct
please remove that avatar

Vidpal Posted: Oct 10th 2009

i hope he falls in love with a vampire

WGromit Posted: Oct 13th 2009

i was only saying biggest fan as a figure of speech

kldceltic Posted: Oct 13th 2009

yeah me too

Vidpal Posted: Oct 15th 2009

i meant i hope the next Wallace and Gromit episode has Wallace fall in love with a vampire

101Gromit Posted: Oct 27th 2009

I think it might be some kind of mystery,all the other new ones are!Why do you think there all like that anyway?

Liam W&G Posted: Jan 15th 2012

I think it'll happen sometime in spring 2012 because aardman have been doing a lot of different films e.g. Arthur Christmas. I can't wait for Wallace and Gromit's new film though!!

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