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Jemk Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 28th 2009

For your bank holiday week end we’ve got a spooky story from the Wallace & Gromit exhibition at the Science Museum… Did you know that Cooke and Wheatstone's telegraph helped to secure a murderer in 1845?”

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009


singing sheep Posted: Aug 29th 2009

Oh. It's a shame because I went ages ago! At least I went was the main thing!

Matthew145 Posted: Sep 1st 2009

Cool i have been there

Gromit lad Posted: Sep 10th 2009

Why does it go into the negatives??? Click on the link to see what I meen!!!!!!!!!!!
This is weird it keeps going on and on and on and....


Vidpal Posted: Oct 22nd 2009

Dr. White picked up a old butterfly switch phone receiver in Mammoth cave after it rang and heard off the hook noise/ party voices, he said "hello?" or something and there was a startled gasp then the line went dead but when he traced the wire it ended at a shack/ticket office and was attached to nothing.... creepy huh?

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