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kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2009

Nathan M Posted: Aug 28th 2009

cool :D

lee-enfeild Posted: Aug 28th 2009

number 10 is the bestand they are so cool

Wilsations Animations Posted: Aug 28th 2009

Senn em all before

crackin cheese Posted: Aug 29th 2009

Isn't nathan m's avatar one of the rare pictures

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 29th 2009

know,it's from the grand aventuers game. and it's a painting.

kieran Posted: Jan 22nd 2011

elstoggy Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

kieran how did you get the blinking eyes on your profile pic

NeilK Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

Wow, those were great! :D

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

i like 11

the mag Posted: Jan 25th 2011

i like number 4

Fionah Posted: Jan 3rd 2012


Nathan M Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

it would be better if they actually made episodes of these

kieran Posted: Jan 4th 2012

I think they should reprint them as a calender or use them to create a downloadable calender like the Mr bean one on there website i think it would be cool as a calender software for the computer.

Nathan M Posted: Jan 6th 2012

/\ Desktop calender widget

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 7th 2012

I think they were a calendar, I mean, there are twelve photos, based on a film theme, and the last one seems very festive.

wallace05man Posted: Jan 7th 2012

oh yeah, good point

evastar7 Posted: Jan 7th 2012

wow great pictures there are all so funny ! :D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 20th 2012


sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

I love the way is the damsel in distress

Rhian38 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

Ummm wats number 3 meant 2 be?

The Return of CrackingToast Posted: Feb 24th 2012

It's a kind of Egyptian thing. They are all parodies of famous movies. 1 is Frankenstein, 4 is James Bond, 5 is King Kong, 7 is Singing in the Rain, 10 is The Great Escape and 11 is the Sound of Music.

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 25th 2012

I think they are cool

evastar7 Posted: Feb 26th 2012

what is picture number 2?

ardman Posted: Feb 26th 2012


Rmosie2 Posted: Mar 14th 2012

Wow! These pics really are cool!:D:D:D Where'd you get 'em?
I'd be AMAZED:O if you were the grandson of the one and only Nick Park! But, I'm getting ready to cry:'(:'( 'cause I know you won't be.

W&G are awesome, aren't they?

Hey, you're right about the calender thing, and if it IS a calender, I wanna' be the first to get it!:):)

wandgfanatic Posted: Apr 18th 2012

Brilliant pictures!  Love the spoofs!

kieran Posted: Jun 6th 2012

Just found a picture of the original poster!

kieran Posted: Jun 6th 2012

And a old wallace and gromit at the movies pencil case!

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Jun 7th 2012

It's amazing! I really love the picture of number 11 and 12!

Kelly08 Posted: Jun 9th 2012

i like the third one

gromitomatic Posted: Jun 11th 2012

Wallace and Gromit At THe Movies.
Does it even exist?  Looked it up on both Google and Wikipedia. Nothing found. Anyone could get a photoshop package and do it on there.

Nathan M Posted: Jun 12th 2012

these are real pictures that Aardman made just for the photos, I used to have that poster

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jun 15th 2012

Whoa I wasn't trying to copy but I drew a picture of Wallace and gromit " singing in the rain" before I even saw the one on this thread. It's almost the same too! Here's my picture ( By the way Thanks for showing these)

Morgause Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

Wow!!  How did you get these?  They're really cool!

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