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singing sheep Posted: Aug 29th 2009

I thought Fluffles was very cute, and Gromit was funny when his cheeks went red because of puppy love! It made me and my family laugh, how you could see Wallace's Bum when the explosion happened! That was the favorite bit!

hot baby Posted: Sep 1st 2009

and my`n 0:)

tomboysoph Posted: Sep 3rd 2009

totally awesome!:D
I so want to see more of Gromit and Fluffles!

Vidpal Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

nobody minds the bum aardman, ignore those american censors

Vidpal Posted: Oct 9th 2009

and by the way i love your new film i watch it over and over again ;)

ian2238 Posted: Oct 31st 2009

i really like the movie but...

i thought it was really unfair how wallace treated gromit, i mean after he chained him, gromit still had to wash the dishes???
that's so unfair!!
And why does gromit has to do everything there??
doesn't wallace has hands to do it himself??

kldceltic Posted: Oct 31st 2009

aye to right piella lyed she said that gromit bit her but gromit never

Vidpal Posted: Nov 1st 2009

of course, she's a villian they are supposed to lie

Vidpal Posted: Nov 4th 2009

besides IAN2238 it wasn't Wallace's fault Gromit was punished that way it was hers

and can you imagine what would happen if Wallace used his hands to do everything? he'd probably be hauled to a rehab clinic for stress overload

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