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Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 11th 2009

It’s been 145 days since I took my unofficial (but supported by Aardman) site at offline, and in that time I’ve had so much feedback I can’t thank everyone who has written in enough. I believe all have been replied to – if not please forgive me and feel free to send a prod by email! It’s been super to see how excited people are and I really hope I can live up to expectations with the relaunch!

Hopefully this information should help as I list some of the exciting new features:

- The Aardmag!
This is the most exciting content I have ever had the privilege to release on any of my websites. A COMPLETELY FREE, MONTHLY, ONLINE MAGAZINE dedicated mainly to Wallace and Gromit but encouraging people to reach out and explore the rest of the Aardman world as well.

With articles, games, posters, reviews, interviews with people from all over Aardman and more it will be the essential read for all fans. And most excitingly of all perhaps is that we have the ever-talented ‘Cavor’ on board as our in-house artist and he’s going to illustrate the magazine and is currently working on an all-new Wallace and Gromit cracking comic strip for a future issue!

I believe in high quality free content on the internet wherever possible so come and enjoy it every Month!

Issue 1 is almost complete but if you have ideas and feedback already please do send it in. A letters page is also going to be opened so feel free to send in things for that as well. Once the first issue is up you’ll see lots of other ways to get involved too.

- Aardman Unleashed
This is an all-new section of the website dedicated to the extended world of Aardman Animations with in-depth looks at different films from the group’s history. This will be updated over time on a regular basis and should prove to be the definitive encyclopaedia of everyone’s favourite animators.

- Reviews
Reviews of any and every product will be added over time, with some ranges having their own areas such as the Telltale Games and the absolutely stunning Robert Harrop statuettes.

- All your favourite W&G content updated!
Our 100% accurate and referenced character biographies, guides and more have been updated and remain ready to view in easier formats.

All of this will help to make the website the joint greatest Aardman site online. And to quote Wallace “that’s only the first part...” – there’s a whole lot more to come so brace yourself!

The date for our launch is not far away and will be revealed very soon so keep checking back and don’t forget to keep sending in your feedback – it all helps tremendously!

See you around Chuck!


Lozi101 Posted: Sep 11th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Sounds great seb! |-)

I cant wait for the Aardmag!

So thats who cavor was teaming up with

Is there going to be a thing like the your creations page or in the Aardmag?

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 11th 2009

P&B - I think that my site and this one can work side by side, and I can't offer such great prizes, so I won't run a 'Creations Page' myself, but I am hoping to have something along those lines in a certain way soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

I will release the image of the front cover soon.

Anyway - pleased to see you both excited.

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 11th 2009

ok, thanks seb!

I guess running a comp with such amazing prizes as this sites one is a bit pricey

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Well not even price, it's actually getting it - signed Nick Park stuff is pretty tricky! ;)

But prizes and even free gifts are not off the cards for very soon... I've got big plans for the future!

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Sounds brilliant seb! I think most of us here on the forum can say it's been a long time... But i was wondering why did you take your site offline in the first place?

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Time. Simple as that! Just ran out of it.

I've now become self employed though and have started my own business - this website is part of that. As a result I can afford to give it a lot more of my time!

I'm sure you would rather wait for more quality than have a quick poor website after all!

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Of course, i cant wait for the new release. Will Wallace and Gromit's cracking podcast be making a comeback?

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 11th 2009

Well, nick is a very busy man lol!|-)
I wonder how many autographs he must sign a day

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 11th 2009

W&G Fan 21 - the Podcast is undecided at the moment. I'll be looking into it later in the year, though there will be a good chance to give feedback on that soon.

P&B - I expect he tries to sign as few as possible, he's a filmmaker and not a celebrity first and foremost. I'm constantly profoudly impressed by his attitude in that way actually.

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 12th 2009


Anyways, good luck on the site!

concon Posted: Sep 12th 2009

Cant wait for the Aardmag. You website is going to be great! Cant wait.

I wish I was a Moderator on the and & websites!

cavor Posted: Sep 12th 2009

Looking forward to the magazine seb! plus all of the special content

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Wow cant wait

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Me niether!

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Im exited too!!

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Seb just and idea (sorry if this already exists) how about a virtual world on it?

Gromit lad Posted: Sep 13th 2009

what about the staff? Will Katie, Kristen W, and all the rest be there from this site, and like you said working side by side on both sites?


Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 14th 2009

Shaun the Lamb - Can you expand on that? Do you mean like Aardman's virtual world or what?

Gromit lad - They probably won't, at the moment there isn't a forum on the site. However I'm working with them behind the scenes, and you might hear from them on my site as time goes by!

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 14th 2009

Oh sorry seb, I meant a a virtaul world on your website where you can create a charector and he/she will apear as modeling clay and you can walk around the virtual world chatting playing games and making friends. A bit like runescape or club penguin.

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 14th 2009

Well we won't have it when we start up, and it would take time of course, but there's nothing to say no to so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 14th 2009

No problem I can't waint until you start the website up again!;)

jills Posted: Sep 17th 2009

That's such fantastic news, Seb. Congrats for all the hard work you've been putting in on this. And cavor, too, it sounds like. Will standby waiting for your launch announcement

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 17th 2009

150 days now. I cant wait for the launch, is there any more news as to when it will come back online?

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 17th 2009

I should be able to confirm the date this weekend - but at any rate it will be very soon!

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 18th 2009

Why not make a special podcast to mark the relaunch of the site?

wild chid Posted: Sep 19th 2009

it sed my e mall was tacan and i had not been on the site befor you put up this web page can you give me some help is i because i sinde up on this it wont take my e mall can you help seb or staff at the web page
wild chid

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 19th 2009

GLB - I'm looking into the podcast!

WC - Not quite sure what you mean the problem is! Will your email not go through or something?

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 19th 2009

sorry guess i missed that post!

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 19th 2009

I think I said it somewhere, but really that's all there is to say. There probably won't be a podcast with the launch and, at the moment, I don't know if we'll bring it back, but I'm certainly looking into it.

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 19th 2009

I should be able to let you know by tomorrow evening. But when I say soon it's VERY soon!

jills Posted: Sep 19th 2009

Can't wait to see it!

PoisonIvy Posted: Sep 19th 2009

Hurray! Hallo everybody. Awesome, neat, wicked, cool, Seb!
Can't wait to see the site up and running.

~a 'virtual world' (MMORPG?) would be hard to make...
poison ivy

concon Posted: Sep 21st 2009

Hey Seb!

Cant wait for the site! Do you have the relaunch date yet ??

Thank you!


Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

Thanks for feedback all - I'm looking into Virtual Worlds (not as interesting as it sounds! haha!)

But I can indeed confirm when we return concon. It's...



shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

Yeeeee, I'm so excited!

jills Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

Wonderful! I'm going to check it out as soon as it's online. Looking forward to seeing cavor's drawings.

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

Hello Jills, if it's not too much trouble could you tell me how to make a football goal in my park set?

jills Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I will check the thread about that soon 8)

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Now back to the topic.
What time will it be up and running Western Austalia time seb?

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Well if you convert the time from GMT over to the time in WST add 1 hour for BST And that should mean for those of you in western australia. 5 am.

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Thanks :)

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

cool i cant wait!!!!

concon Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Thanks Seb !

Its going to be great !


Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Good to see people so excited!

Oh and do check the site now - you might see the front cover of something new...! :D;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Oh, I'm so sorry to say this but my web filter blocks it for being Unrated.

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I have been gifted with a half a day off of school so i thought i would come on here. I cant wait seb, i like the little teaser pic.
Here it is for shaun the lamb and anyone else that cant get onto it because of a filter.

jills Posted: Sep 23rd 2009


shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I hope there isn't anything behind that phone!

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