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jills Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Shaun the lamb! :-|;)

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

i'm gonna wait till 2 moz cos the server will be very busy

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I cant wait, I'm staying on!

number Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

me too!|-)

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

On the aardmag, it looks like a character just like my one ( I think its Pog )

imaginepeacex Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

It returns at 8 tonight.

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

i can see everybody on aardmag mrs tweedy gromit bitzer and i think theres a slug from flushed away!

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I know 19 mins

concon Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Seb the Aardmag is great ! :D

concon Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Im sending in a question to Wallace and Gromit. ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Yeh, I will soon too.

I cant wait for the next issue of the aardmag, alot of time must have gone into it!

cracking job lad! ;)

imaginepeacex Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I like it.
The magazine thing is good. (yn)

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

I love the aardamag
cracking website

ashleytisdale Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Very good website!

cavor Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Super job seb

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 24th 2009

omg seb!
love the Aardmag!!
will there have much to do with chicken run in any issues??!?
Also i8 tried to subscribe but i dont think it worked!
it camre up with a weird message after i confirmed to giving you my email addreas!

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 24th 2009

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone - don't forget to fill in our survey and put your email in the mailing list box!

CF - It depends on your security settings, if you don't think it's gone through please send it on to the usual email address directly.

Chicken Run is certainly on the cards - watch this space!

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 24th 2009

WOO Lurve the Aardmag, fabulous work especially with the flash section!

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 24th 2009

Every thing is really good although i did metion on the survey that you could have an offers/ competition page. Which would give you links and information on offers for aardman merchandise I.E. The kings mill tokens, Competitons run by aardman an how to enter.

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 24th 2009

Thanks both!

And WGFan - I loved the idea the second I read it. I'm certainly going to look into it.

imaginepeacex Posted: Sep 24th 2009

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 26th 2009

I send questions for wallace and gromit:)

Ursrut Posted: Sep 26th 2009

Wow! Looks great Seb

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 28th 2009

A sneak peak at an article for issue two can be found here:

There will also be a full interview with Robert Harrop and Jim Parkyn in the next issue!

concon Posted: Sep 28th 2009

Cool thanks ! :)

shaun the lamb Posted: Sep 28th 2009

Oh cool seb!

danz_man Posted: Sep 29th 2009

nice website seb i like it

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 1st 2009

Thanks again everyone!

And BIG NEWS: We are now on Twitter!

Follow us for all W&G/Aardman news at

concon Posted: Oct 1st 2009

Cool ! What about bebo ? (( hint hint ))

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 1st 2009

Well we'll see - don't like to step on the official site's territory really - but if you can think of a way to make it different let me know!

Jamie49 Posted: Oct 2nd 2009

Hi i'm new just getting used to the site.

shaun the lamb Posted: Oct 2nd 2009


Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 2nd 2009

yes welcome aboard.
hope you read the house rules and make yourself feel comfortable

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 5th 2009

Cards, Haynes, Farms, Coats and more - loads of news articles from the weekend just added to our site!

Find them all on the homepage for now:

concon Posted: Oct 5th 2009

cool ! :)

Helloprettygirl123 Posted: Oct 7th 2009

this roxs!!:-X

kameatrix Posted: Oct 9th 2009

You should have an 'Aardchive' archive of all the old Aardmags, and a section on behind the scenes stuff! :D

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 9th 2009

Don't worry - those are planned for the future. |-)

Thanks for the ideas though! Like the name 'Aardchive' - hadn't thought of that!

Vidpal Posted: Oct 10th 2009

seb, can you help me put up my drawing on this site because it's been a few hours since i uploaded it and it isn't there

it looks like this

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 10th 2009

The aardman staff dont come online at weekends, it should be up by monday! ;)

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Yes - I can't do that, but Aardman should be able to get it done Monday/Tuesday. Don't worry - it will go up!

kldceltic Posted: Oct 10th 2009

yeah aardman only work on mon,tues,wed,thurs,friday:D:)

Vidpal Posted: Oct 10th 2009

i didn't realize that, how should i know they don't work then? i don't live there:-(

cavor Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Don't worry Vidpal no need to be sad, we can tell how big a fan you are of & from your super picture

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Well no - you didn't know, so they told you. What's wrong with that? :)

Vidpal Posted: Oct 11th 2009

nothing, i just am sad i can't visit there

kldceltic Posted: Oct 11th 2009

they will be on tommorow:D:)

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 12th 2009

I'm looking for someone to answer the 'You, Wallace and Gromit' questions in the next issue - if you're interested then drop me an email - sebh at (change ' at ' to '@'!)

cavor Posted: Oct 12th 2009

Sent email!

freddyamination Posted: Oct 12th 2009

Add over amination movies not just wallace and gromit.

I suggest that because I Love Amination!!!!!

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