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crackin cheese Posted: Nov 25th 2009

I think he is talking about the picture on page 1

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 25th 2009

I think he means this:

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 25th 2009

sorry didn't see your post i think it's the cooker's hand from a grand day out

cavor Posted: Nov 25th 2009

More updates on sebs website!! :D

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 25th 2009

That's right - I was talking about that.

So who does the hand belong to? Well I'm pleased to announce ... Gromit's Litte Bro is right - it's Nick in 'Rat and the Beanstalk!' Very appropiate I felt. I was so amazed GLB got it straight away though I wanted to hear more suggestions. Interesting so many felt Nick's hand looks like Gromit's etc.! So GLB - please email me with your address and which one of the new calendars you would like (as a Moderator it is safe to privately tell me that!) - congratulations!

And now, the big reveal of what's been going on...

You might have noticed that 62 West Wallaby Street has lacked in a few updates over the past week. Well I can now reveal that this has been because all available time has been put into a very special project...

Back in 2006, when I originally opened this website, I wanted to have a complete list of all Wallace and Gromit merchandise. Within a day of beginning that task, I realised it was an impossible mission for someone running the website just as a hobby.

Of course with our recent relaunch, and the fact that it is now operated around the clock by my Company, things have changed, so I am therefore delighted to open our new-look collectables and toys section!

To begin with, it holds complete reviews on all products that were listed in our old merchandising section (a selection of books, comics and games), but starting on Friday the 27th we will be expanding the section almost daily to cover reviews of, quite literally, hundreds of new products. To start with we will cover Wallace and Gromit products, with each featured company having a day or two in the limelight as their product reviews go up (though products from the Shaun, Timmy, Morph and other Aardman ranges are also in the works).

Because of the sheer volume of Wallace and Gromit items we have split them up into three sections – ‘1989-2006’, ‘Were-Rabbit’ and ‘2007-2009’. The ‘1989-2006’ and ‘Were-Rabbit’ sections will hold reviews on items from those periods and will be added to over time. They may, or may not, eventually become databases of every product from those periods of time. These areas are being developed with the help of a number of long-term collectors, and if you fall into that category and would also like to be involved then please get in touch!

The ‘2007-2009’ (which will become ‘2007-2010’ next year and so on) does, however, intend to be a complete database of products in those periods – with reviews of every piece wherever possible. These sections will further be split up into ‘books’, ‘toys’, ‘comics’ etc. Some ranges will have their own section, such as the Robert Harrop line of figurines.

To allow the databases to be added to even when reviews can’t be written, we have developed a ‘traffic light’ system. Under each section of products (e.g. ‘books’ etc.) you will find a list of the items with traffic lights next to them. A green traffic light means ‘a review is written’, an orange one means ‘a review is coming’ and a red one means ‘we can’t review it (can you? Get in touch!)’

There are also opportunities to add your own comments on different products and to rate them as well. This is a feature you can now use over the entire site.

We hope this will provide an invaluable checklist to collectors, as well as being a very useful resource for deciding what products to buy. All your feedback is really appreciated on this.

Aardman characters are great fun to have around your house – so why not start a collection today?...

Visit the section today:

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 25th 2009

Cool sounds good seb

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 25th 2009

Woop! I guess I kinda remember stuff in pictures... I'll e-mail you tommorrow or sometime over the weekend ( I have GCSE mocks looming in 48 hours :sad:)

Ursrut Posted: Nov 26th 2009

awww i know how you feel glb- i have them today and all of next week, Fun
Many Congratulations as well!
I think the swear filters have gone a bit crazy here by the way.....

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 26th 2009

seb, do you mind if I wait till after christmas? (in case I get one then I can have the other)

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 26th 2009

That would be even better for me - I can send it with the advent prizes! So I'm fine for that! Just let me know which one you want after Christmas.

And talking of Advent - get your entries in soon everyone, not long to go at all now... :D

More information on the competition here:

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 26th 2009

Oh that's great seb.
ooh I can't wait to see all the Christmas sy entries!!! (I don't have time :surprise:)

concon Posted: Nov 28th 2009


I really like the merchandise section of the site. I was just wondering if you will have a page called 'toys' for each of the sections. I have some rare Wallace and Gromit mini figures and a Gromit model who is missing a ear. If you are doing a 'toys' section I could take some pictures.


crackin cheese Posted: Nov 28th 2009

Good idea concon

concon Posted: Nov 28th 2009

I have the Wallace from this pic and another Wallace. I also have The Wrong Trousers and Wendoline. I cant fing Wendoline though. =[

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 28th 2009

I think I have those too

concon Posted: Nov 28th 2009

Here is a good pic. Only my ones arent shiny and Wendoline is wearing a yellow jumper.

concon Posted: Nov 28th 2009

Also I have all these except Stipy Jumper Wallace, Hutch and Marrow Gromit.

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 28th 2009

OMG same with me except I can't find shaun but otherwise mine are fine

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 29th 2009

check out this website for wallace and gromit merchandise:

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 29th 2009

That site's good, but hasn't been updated in quite a few years now.

There will indeed be toys sections, thanks very much for the offer of photos etc - I will certainly bear it in mind.

concon Posted: Nov 29th 2009

Okay. :)

tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 29th 2009

ah yes there will have been more merchandise since then

Ursrut Posted: Dec 1st 2009

Seb I love the Shaun the Sheep snowflakes!

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 1st 2009

Keep checking back over Advent - he's not the only one who likes snowflakes!

And - after a Month (!!!!) - it's time for the next Aardmag! Here's the cover - I think you'll agree it's AMAZING! Huge thanks to Cavor for his amazing work on it. And no, it's not #4 as the cover says!!

Will hopefully be up at 8:00pm!


Ursrut Posted: Dec 1st 2009

Wow! Nice!!!! Looking Forward to it!
I've e-mailed my entry for the advent calander.

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 1st 2009

I have too Ursrut!!

Top marks to cavor for that cover!

This Aardmag issue is gonna' be the best!

Ursrut Posted: Dec 2nd 2009

Great Mag! Maybe i should have read it before putting my submission of Wallace as the Doctor! |-)

concon Posted: Dec 2nd 2009

Great cover ! :D

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Dec 2nd 2009

Seb, are there any competitions or anything we can enter at the moment? Sorry but I haven't been on this thread for a while.

kldceltic Posted: Dec 2nd 2009

people its up i just seen it:D:);)|-)

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 3rd 2009

Great! I'm About To Read It.

Fish Posted: Dec 4th 2009


Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Yes, if you've missed it, Aardmag #3 is up to read now!

Please do give feedback!

Advent continues later today!

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 4th 2009

So when will the pictures be up behind the doors?

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Just working on it now! Slight delay due to illness, but give me about 30 minutes!

concon Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Ok! And hope you get better soon. Aardmag rocks this month BTW.

kldceltic Posted: Dec 4th 2009

poor seb:-(

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Thanks for all the kind comments. :)

As promised, Advent has now started up again on our site! For the 4th we have uploaded reviews of the two W&G Danilo 2010 calendars:

And more coming soon! Keep checking back!

concon Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Well its been 30 minutes excatly ! :D

concon Posted: Dec 4th 2009

Ive sent you a email for the advent.

shaun the lamb Posted: Dec 6th 2009

But nice cover

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 6th 2009

And there are falling Wallaces. My gosh.

concon Posted: Dec 7th 2009

Its not been updated since the 5th. Oh Shaun The Sheeps on !

concon Posted: Dec 8th 2009

Is it going to get updated ?

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 9th 2009

Being updated very shortly - with something really exciting!

concon Posted: Dec 9th 2009

Like the Paper Chains ! Sadly no printer. ):

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 9th 2009

Yes - download your FREE Wallace and Gromit paper chains today!

Sorry you haven't got a printer Concon. :-( The library perhaps?

concon Posted: Dec 10th 2009

Maybe. ):

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 26th 2009

How comes no ones creations were on the advent?

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