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kldceltic Posted: Apr 19th 2010

am so happy as i got the email:D:)

cavor Posted: Apr 20th 2010

concon save me a slice of cake!! ......

Seb Moderator Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

WOW! What a wonderful welcome!!

Thanks so much for the warm wishes, as I said in the email I've missed the forum too!

I've just been so busy with a seperate project that I couldn't get a minute to come online. However I'm now trying to organise something to take the workload of that project off me (and onto someone better at doing it!) so I can return to working on my sites and being here!

The next Aardmag is in development now (Yay!), and we've got some big features lined up for the site soon!

But the most exciting thing for the moment is that review-a-day has restarted (well, it's review-a-weekday now, but that doesn't matter! :wink:) and I've literally got about 60 reviews already lined up to go online!

So I'll see you around a lot more now! :D

Seb Moderator Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

p.s. Oh - and didn't see page 7! Cavor - expect an email from me soon. I've felt so guilty about not writing sooner! Sorry!

concon Posted: Apr 23rd 2010


cavor Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

Thats ok seb
Have clock up another 25 drawings all inked for the next comic instalment.
When I have your next schedule I will move things on a bit more.

Been busy at work, I'm actually teaching a bit of animation at school How cool is that!!

kldceltic Posted: Apr 24th 2010

if it was not for me you would have come back:):-(

ajmole Posted: Apr 24th 2010

I bet Seb would have came back a bit later without the email, but thanks for checking on Seb for us kld! :)

Seb Moderator Posted: Apr 25th 2010

@ KLD - I was planning to return, but you gave my motor a kick so I got into action a bit faster!! ;):D

wghtmf Posted: Apr 26th 2010

Got any cake left, concon?

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 30th 2010

Seb, I think a link is broken, when you click on Aardmag, then tthe Issue #4 banner, it goes to the Issue #3 page....

Seb Moderator Posted: May 1st 2010

Well we’ve been away for quite a while on – but finally we’re back!

We have a full roundup of all the news we’ve missed on the site now, and we reveal some plans for the future as well. So why not pop over and have a look? You can view the article here:

...And for all those who have been asking, the next Aardmag will go up on Wednesday! More information can be found via. the link above, but here’s the cover for now – complete with more stunning artwork from Cavor!


kldceltic Posted: May 1st 2010

yh like the new cover:):D;)

concon Posted: May 1st 2010


kldceltic Posted: May 5th 2010

Seb Moderator Posted: May 5th 2010

Just finishing up the Aardmag - will go online at 8:00pm!

concon Posted: May 5th 2010


Seb Moderator Posted: May 5th 2010

You can now read Issue 5 of the Aardmag FREE!!

Just follow this link -

concon Posted: May 5th 2010

Awesome! I liked:

~ The comic
~ The toy reviews
~ The movie spoofs (back cover)

I have the Timmy playing cards on page 8. :D

Oh and I can't wait for the Rex The Runt comic strip!

kldceltic Posted: May 6th 2010

yay seb:)

Seb Moderator Posted: May 6th 2010

Do you like Aardman merchandise?

We've just completed our database of W&G products made since 2007 - and we're looking for help to expand the information!

See here:


kldceltic Posted: May 6th 2010

i love that bit:)

kameatrix Posted: May 6th 2010

Pages 6 and 14 on the flash version of the new Aardmag have half the page hidden by a grey bar.

Seb Moderator Posted: May 6th 2010

Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it now.

crackingtoast Posted: May 6th 2010

I was just reading the review of the Plush gromit keyring with Bow. I remember getting that a while ago at the wenslydale factory. I'm a massive cheese fan,and a wenslydale fan at that,thanks to my love for wallace and gromit,so it was brilliant to go to where they make it. there was tasters of different kinds of wenslydale there,and it was delicious. and they sold cookies in the shape of wallace or gromit aswell. And I go the gromit at the end,and though the likeness isn't too astonishing (the eyes are a bit far apart),but it's very cute and the bowtie is the icing on the cake. unfornately I lost it I think. :( It's still in Yorkshire somewhere haha:D

cavor Posted: May 7th 2010

Don't forget if you missed the first part of the comic you can see it in issue 3 of the Aardmag;)

Clay Fighter Posted: May 8th 2010

we dont get wensleydale in australia....:-(:'(

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 8th 2010

Seb- I think i have found some items you may have missed out ;)

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 8th 2010

I will email you ;]

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 8th 2010

Oops! I sent merchandise which was before 2007 :S i forgot it was only to 2007-2010 Toys i thought you were doing a whole list of every W&G merchandise!


Seb Moderator Posted: May 10th 2010

Clay Fighter - I think the Wensleydale makers in Wensleydale will ship worldwide? This is their website:

TimmytheSheep - Don't worry about it! Nice to hear from you. We will eventually be extending our database to include older products, but obviously there are so many that could take a very long time...!!

Clay Fighter Posted: May 11th 2010

thanks seb, but the wesbite said only in the uk, but, i am sure theres some way to get it....
question: whats the cheese made out of in w&g? some of the cheeses have starnge textures!

Seb Moderator Posted: May 11th 2010

That's a shame - they delivered worldwide a year or two ago, I remember seeing it. They boasted how wherever you were they could get Wensleydale to you!

The cheese in W&G... Well most, if not all, would be plasticine I'm sure. Certainly any that Wallace or Gromit eat, like in 'A Grand Day Out' would be. I guess they might have used something different when the cheese isn't being used though - like in the cheese tent in 'Curse of the Were-Rabbit'?

Clay Fighter Posted: May 12th 2010

probably, it just looks very...strange, so they must spend alot of time making it look like cheese and not a blob of palsticine;)
do you know what they use for dough? 8)

Seb Moderator Posted: May 12th 2010

That's almost 100% plasticine I'd say - allowing them to 'mix' it frame by frame.

After 30 years of using the stuff, and probably spending thousands or millions in investigating it, I'm not amazed that they know so much about plasticine!

We know from Chicken Run that they can make plasticine completely smooth, have the shots almost like a CGI effect they are so crisp. Of course they've gone the other way since then - realising that some of the charm comes from the fingerprints and everything. But if they had kept pushing for better quality it's incredible to imagine what they would be getting in their films now!

Not that the quality isn't there now of course!! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: May 13th 2010

and chicken run is very amazingly smooth!

kameatrix Posted: Jun 11th 2010

Here's a YouTube link to the 2 original Rex The Runt shorts-
Hope this helps with the website section.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 11th 2010

I finaly got into the site!
Congrats on such a wonderful website Seb! I look forward to the next Aardmag. ;)

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Do you include stuff in the magazine that fans send in?

kldceltic Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

i have not seen seb for ages i wonder where he is:O

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Lets Play Were's Seb Game Again

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Havent seen you in ages!
how are you?
I was on the Fuzzy idiots website the other day...any chance of you making some more?

kldceltic Posted: Sep 10th 2010

omg i know why seb had not been on lookSuffering from horrible tonsillitis at the moment though

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 13th 2010

W& Return

Yes - I am alive!! Just appalling at time managment...!

I've had a heck of a lot on recently, but I've got new systems in place now to keep me on the ball yet still productive! As noted above, I have also got/had tonsillitis recently, which did unfortunately delay my triumphant return!

I've still been online here though - peeking around and keeping up to date as often as I could, just haven't posted much! Particularly excited by Nick Park's new illustrations!

You might be wondering what's happening with my site... Well something BIG is happening in just over a Month... To go with it we're updating the site's look. I've done a lot of work on it already behind the scenes, getting ready for the BIG THING, but I'm very keen to hear your thoughts.

Let me know anything you want to see/not see, how it should be presented. etc. and I will see what I can do!

Either say it here or drop an email to I should be around a lot more now, so speak to you all again soon!

Gromit lad Posted: Sep 13th 2010

AUGH!!!!!!! I wanna know!!!! How long has it been since we've heard something big is coming.............Plus, YOUR BACK!!!!!! Or you have, but now we finally caught you.


tiptopgolfy Posted: Nov 11th 2010

where did all the updates go?

gef16 Posted: Dec 30th 2010

Cant wait to look! Sounds amazing.

My video attachment is my first ever one so its pretty bad but i dont really give!

gef16 Posted: Jan 1st 2011

Such a good site Seb! What is behind that phone?!

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