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holly1208 Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Now then,the new film includes two new characters:Piella Bakewell and her adorable dog:Fluffles.The story line is interesting it has the storyline od a drama/soap with splashes of comedy!However I love this new film I was gutted when i whent on holiday and found out i would miss it!So when we arrived back i watched it three times in a row!Fluffles and Gromit make the perfect couple!They are so cutePiella Bakewell is a strange character wich makes the film all the more fun!The film is different but amazing!Well done Aardman!

holly1208 Posted: Sep 13th 2009

Woops BTW here is the worlds cutest image of Gromit and Fluffles,enjoy!

Vidpal Posted: Sep 14th 2009


holly1208 Posted: Sep 15th 2009

I know its such a cute picture!If Aardman makes another &flim i hope Fluffles is in them,i meen she is so cute!Also i hope Shaun The Sheep comes back.

robtswitzer Posted: Sep 22nd 2009

Loaf & Death was just released in the USA today (finally!), and I just finished watching it. It was well worth the wait. It never ceases to amaze me how clever the stories are and how beautifully they're executed. I hope that those of us on the other side of the pond don't have to wait nearly ten months to see the next production!

Gromit1994 Posted: Sep 24th 2009

Wonderful! Simply wonderful. They should have Fluffles live with Wallace and Gromit. It would make watching the film twice a pleasure!

Heavba Posted: Sep 26th 2009

I bought this thinking it would be as wonderful as all the others and sat down with my husband and daughter to watch and couldn't have been MORE disappointed. The storyline was awful and the action way too dark. It was so awful None of the usual fun, "quiet" British humor...none of it. If I could return to the movie to where I bought it, I would.

kldceltic Posted: Sep 30th 2009

i loved that film but the cotwr still rocks:D

Benoit Racine Posted: Oct 2nd 2009

I would have appreciated a widescreen version of the DVD. The fullscreen version (the only one available in North America except for the Blu-Ray) robs the film of the interactions between the characters which is, let's face it, 75 % of the charm of those adventures.

momoffew Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

Iam sooooo disapointed in the people who made this film. I luckily previewed it before showing it to my children. it was so violent! Im so sad they've gone to the lowest place. the movies used to be dramatic without everyone trying to kill and hit eachother!SHAME on you AArdman! Go watch your earlier films.

On top of that the villan was obvious and so dislikable ,unlike your earlier films. You've lost the magic with this one!

kldceltic Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

no i like it stop being mean to aardman it's not there fault:'(

Vidpal Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

i don't know why you parents are so easily disgusted that is overeacting, no violence actually happened only to the bad person and beginning of the story, can't you see all that matters is they didn't show blood or gore or did anything your kid would copy without seeing the consequences? everything is violent to you just let the kid watch it and you'll see it's a harmless film. it's all plastyscene three stooges comedy for crying out loud!

kldceltic Posted: Oct 4th 2009

it does not show blood ur mean u moffoffew

Vidpal Posted: Oct 9th 2009

Vidpal Posted: Jan 23rd 2010

you too Heavba

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