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LufseN Posted: Sep 18th 2009

Hi everyone! I'm working on a movie, but i'm not quite done :P anyway here is a trailer :)

what do you think about my upcoming movie? :) pros and cons?

Cameronl Posted: Sep 18th 2009

Great Animation, Great Models Brilliant!!!

LufseN Posted: Sep 19th 2009

thanks cameronl, but I kinda hate making models XD but I love animating :) I wish I had someone who could make the models and the sets so I don't need to do that my self XD

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 19th 2009

Amazing! Great trailer, I cant wait for the film!

I'm kind of the opposite, I enjoy making the models and sets more than animating! |-)

Cameronl Posted: Sep 19th 2009

Pueple&Brown - Same here!

LufseN Posted: Sep 19th 2009

hehe well I guess it's kinda okey to make models. but I mean it's absolutely nothing compared to animation :D and because I love animating, I need something to animate aswell :)

hehe but it sure would be a lot easier if someone who lived nearby could help me out :) now I'm doing everything myself. I'm gonna ask my dad if he can make a good theme song, but I do the sets, models, animating, the voices and editing :D
and now when school started after the summer break I nearly don't have any time at all for the movie :(

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 20th 2009

Same with me, I'm on a really tight schedule, good luck on the film though!

animator123 Posted: Sep 21st 2009

try posting something on for some gigs you need done.

LufseN Posted: Sep 21st 2009

animator123, I have no idea what that is??? hehe what am I suppose to do there? :)

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