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death Posted: Dec 31st 2007

stuck on larva levil need help email me at

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 31st 2007

Death, to let you know, I WAS STUCK ON PROJECT ZOO FOR AGES!!! But luckily my friend got it just recently and he was AN EXPERT, man! He was an expert! He got me through it in a minute! Now, for the lava level, I did that by myself. Basically just avoid all the things in the air and just do whatever the hell it takes to stay in the air and don't plunge to your doom in the lava. If you need anymore help, just say. I'll be there. I'm always around!;)

goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 5th 2008

wat r u tallking about

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 5th 2008

Loving the picture!;) And your avetar! For a moment I thought you were Jordan! Are you new? We are talking about Project Zoo, which is a video game released by Aardman and BAM, that involves Wallace and Gromit fighting Feathers McGraw who has taken over a zoo.

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