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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

To celebrate 20 years of Wallace & Gromit, Aardman is offering fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to a special screening of “A Grand Day Out”, at the London Film Festival.


Nick Park will be attending the screening, which marks 20 years since the film was first shown at the Arnolfini in Bristol, on November 4th 1989. After the film, the lucky winners will also be able to attend a question and answer session between Nick Park and Film Critic & Writer – David Gritten.

To enter, all you need to do is visit our competition page and answer a simple question about A Grand Day Out...then keep your fingers crossed!!

Click Here to Enter Now!

jordan Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

cool thanks Kirsten

cavor Posted: Sep 23rd 2009

Just booked my tickets (front row):D

skalouis Posted: Sep 23rd 2009


W&GRule Posted: Sep 24th 2009

I've entered!

ilkka Posted: Sep 24th 2009


Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 24th 2009

I have!

derv Posted: Sep 29th 2009

I've entered! It would be so cool to get those!

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 6th 2009

Cavor - have a cracking time at the London Film Festival (complete with front row seat)... the same goes for all you lucky people who will be going along ... and good luck to all entrants in the competition (I can't even win an argument!)...

We hope you'll tell us all about your Grand Day Out on this, our beloved website!

cavor Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Thanks sockeye! will do

ALAINA98 Posted: Oct 15th 2009

cavor Posted: Oct 26th 2009

Hi All
Got back from London yesterday what a super! Weekend we had
SATURDAY’s W&G experience started late Saturday morning when we got the tube North of the river and popped in to see Nick's W&G drawings that were being displayed at the Illustration Cupboard ( )
Then after a coffee break we made our way to the South Bank for the BFI Film Festival (nearest tube Waterloo), the main foyer had a little Stop Frame and Cartoon workshops set up for the youngsters.
The Grand Day Out screening was slightly delayed, so we went around the corner to find some where to sit down, then I notice a couple of lads waiting by a side door with W&G videos in there hands, so I strolled up and look out side to find a crowd of people standing by a vehicle that was close to the building, moving closer...Yes it was the arrival of Mr Park, I took over a photo print of my Wrong Trousers (fancy dress costume) and got my first autograph of the day.

When we finally got seated in the NF1 screening room everyone was sitting waiting in anticipation for the digitally re-mastered film of the ‘Grand Day Out’…. I can say it was a dream to watch then after the audience burst into applause!

After the film the Journalist David Gritten was introduced to the stage where a small table with chairs and microphones had been set-up, then after a brief introduction our man the great Nick Park appeared (stage right) just in front of where we were sitting
Then he made his way up onto the stage to join David Gritten.
There was a brief little chat then David announced that it seemed a bit lonely up onstage with just the two of them…..this was the queue for a BFI representative to bring on two more guests, yes you’ve guessed right the dynamic duo them selves W&G, there where placed carefully on the table but Nick couldn’t resisted having the last tweak of how the pair were standing.
It was a great little interview then questions where passed to the audience and Nick did his best to answer them all (even one from me!)
Right at the end Nick had to go passed us again so I managed to get another piece of my W&G Artwork sign…….For me the day was just grand!

Found a few photo's of the day pictures 7,8 & 9

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 26th 2009

Great to hear you had fun!

cavor Posted: Oct 26th 2009

There was one young chap sporting a Blue Peter badge! haven't we got someone one on the forum who's got one?

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 27th 2009

We have many people on the forums who would have at least one

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 29th 2009

Wowee, cavor! You lucky, privileged person, you! Thank you so much for your lovely resume of your Grand Day Out in London - it sure was a Grand Day Out by all accounts ... and as for encountering the ANP more than once - AND getting your question answered by the great man - that was just brilliant, eh? The pictures of the ANP were also lovely and he sure loves that shirt, doesn't he? And the dynamic duo looked fresh and well after 20 years of grand adventures!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 30th 2009

Nice one Cavor, I'll be posting some pics and a review very soon as I was also there with our competition winners. What question did you ask?

cavor Posted: Nov 3rd 2009

I ask Nick.. (Q) Who came up with the idea for the machine that gets Wallace dressed from The Wrong Trousers & A Close Shave films, as the machine looked very much like a dalek and bearing in mind Bob Bakers involvement and his previous work on Dr Who scripts, (A) Nick said he thought it came form ideas from sketch books of his.

Video of the Day

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