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lemon06 Posted: Jan 1st 2008

chocolate cake shaped like a dog.nose can be chocolate buttons.eyes can be small raisons.PLEASE REPLY!

lemon06 Posted: Jan 1st 2008


Secretagent Posted: Jan 24th 2008

I was orginaly Springwizard on another account. I started a spat with an other user which made Aardman close my origianal account. It was a terrible mistake. But I promise not to let it happen agian.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Thanks Secretagent.

Secretagent Posted: Jan 26th 2008

So,friends???? Want to call it a truce??? Oh,and call me Liz. Not my real name,of course,but I feal more comfortable if I'm called by an actual NAME rather than my user name. I know,it sounds wierd,but that's just me. So,is it a truce?

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