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timmybash Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

I've seen them jump but I cant do them in my own films

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

There are many ways to do it, here is one ( you have to download gimp first ): or you could just move the character back like this: You could just use some fishing wire and hold it up in the air whilst taking frames. ;)

Hope I helped,


Aardeej Posted: Jan 9th 2010

I hear some animators use sheets of glass to do this, however I think lot of these effects are done with CGI. In A Matter Of Loaf And Death they used a CGI Wallace when he fell from one of the blades of the windmill.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 7th 2010

A popular method is to use rigging and then edit it out afterwards using after effects software. Purple&Brown's method is very useful, so I'd definitely recommend that.

Just take a look at the hug rigs used on the Shaun the Sheep sets!

concon Posted: Apr 8th 2010

What was under the censored bit? :D

iantimothy Posted: Apr 8th 2010

i wouldn't suggest the moving back method, that will make it look like, well, it is moving back, i am not an expert or anythin' but on my beaver creek episodes (if you havent seen them here they are whenever something has to fly i either do one of two things, sometimes I put the video in flash and animate it flying there. the thing i do for larger detailed objects is attaching them to a rig, (i use an old microphone stand) but anything that will support and be movable. i attach fishing wire and usually add a bit of motion blur, because if something is in the air it is probably going pretty fast.

iantimothy Posted: Apr 8th 2010

here is one of the rigs used in beaver creek 4, nuthin to fancy

ajmole Posted: Apr 9th 2010

katie, that picture was from Spring Lamb, correct?

fateme Posted: Jun 17th 2010

this froum is realy good

yianni Posted: Feb 6th 2012

I've got a few ideas for rigs:

Put a sheet of glass on the front of the set

use rigging and use photoshop to get rid of it

use thin wire

I use all these

ThatGuy Posted: Mar 13th 2012

Start by taking a picture without the character that is jumping. Then place the character in the shot and place him/her on a block and continue to do this till he/she lands. after you have all your shots use photoshop, paint,mgi or whatever you like to edit the block out.

I also do this for things like snowballs and other flying objects.

To edit the block out, place the picture with the character on top of the picture without the character. Then select the history eraser and erase the block.
I use photoshop.

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