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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 5th 2009

Celebrating twenty years of Wallace & Gromit, The Illustration Cupboard Gallery in London is holding a unique exhibition of work by Nick Park from September 29th - October 24th.


Artwork produced especially for the event will be shown alongside original storyboard drawings for the latest Wallace & Gromit film, ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’. All pieces are for sale, with prices ranging from £500 - £10,000. There will also be a limited run of 95 silk screen editions of Wallace & Gromit just for the exhibition, each numbered and signed by Nick Park.

The exhibition also ties in with the launch of new book 'The Art of Wallace & Gromit, which reproduces many previously unseen drawings from Nick Park’s sketchbooks. The drawings range from character development to unused ideas intended for ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’, with signed copies of the book on sale at the exhibition.

Although the main presentation closes on October 24th, the exhibition will continue on the ground floor throughout November. For more information, visit The Illustration Cupboard Website

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 5th 2009

(note: article and image montage by me and ! ;) )

But should be a great event!

cavor Posted: Oct 5th 2009

Seb you should check your links, you need to take !after
I believe

ShaunGromit Posted: Oct 5th 2009

Can there a film made of the exibition s anyone can watch the exibition.

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 6th 2009

Thanks Cavor ;)

Well ShaunGromit many pieces are online through the Illustration Cupboard's Website - see the link posted above. Well worth a look!

Daniel7084 Posted: Oct 6th 2009

I got the book to day it is AMAZING best W&G book ever would love the get it signed by Nick one Day

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 6th 2009

The Art of Wallace and Gromit is on my Christmas wishlist...

ilkka Posted: Oct 7th 2009

tis is cool...;)

Piella1 Posted: Oct 8th 2009

A new background that's so cool!|-):);):D:-|:O:-(:'(:'(:-X8)0:)>:-):-(|)

generaljoel Posted: Oct 13th 2009

I watched w & G and bought the movies(vhs) at the time 10 years ago and my two nieces for one year everyday ate breakfast only if they were on.
My sister inlaw shammi thanked me everyday and to this day calls him Mr. wallcae.
These are th etwo greatest characters of the decade.

Love Uncle joel

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 14th 2009

A dear friend of mine bought me The Art of & this morning!

I've been reading it all day today 8) ...

It's FAB ;)

cavor Posted: Oct 14th 2009

Sounds like fun Sockeye:D

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 14th 2009

It sure it, cavor! You can witness the evolution of our favourite chums via the pencil of the ANP.

Did you know that the ANP used to show his rough sketches of W&G to his mum and dad whenever he'd go home to Preston? I first read about that in a newspaper article written by a journalist friend who knew Nick, as they came from that neck of the woods. This was around the time when "A Close Shave" won the Oscar. How privileged were his ma and da, eh? For a long time, I desired to be a fly on the wall as they perused through each lovingly illustrated page. At last, my dream has come true :D thanks to this book.

If I ever get the privilege to meet the ANP, there'll be plenty of books for him to autograph but, if I had to choose one, this would be it!

Are you looking forward to seeing the great man himself, cavor? :)

cavor Posted: Oct 14th 2009

I'm holding back from buying that book as I have seen it advertised on sale at the W & G drawing exhibition in london and as I will be in london for the end of the exhibition I hope to get a copy as the copys are signed by NP:D

I went to a film festival in bristol years ago and saw Ray Harryhausen (stop motion ledgend)..... and who was to walk in the auditorium Nick Parks & Peter Lord.

But yes I am looking forward to hear the mighty Nick Parks words of wisdom

The wife thinks I should wear me Wrong Trousers

tucker14 Posted: Oct 14th 2009

thats pretty cool!

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 16th 2009

cavor - if your wife can find the ultimate just-plain-wrong trousers and they get you noticed, it will be well worth it! ;)

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