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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 7th 2009

The 26th Creation of the Month Competition winners have now been decided! We have had a great range of entries this month, from melon sculptures to great cakes. Our winners are:


1st Prize – A copy the Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures & Glorious Inventions Book

EB & GB with two excellent life-sized models of Wallace & Gromit made for a village fete

Runners Up – A set of two Wallace & Gromit Activity Books

WillowTheDog for a very orignal melon sculpture
Blitzwing02 for a very funny Wallace & Gromit Dance Off animation
Marcom for three great rabbit models from Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Top Bun Award – A set of Wallace & Gromit Baking Kits

Bathsheba52 with a delicious looking Doghouse for Gromit cake

Also, in recognition of his fantastic Hutch's Passion animation that was re-entered this month, Jamie Q gets a commendation and will receive a copy of Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures & Glorious Inventions Book.

Congratulations to all our winners and well done to everyone who took part this month! We will be in touch in the next few days to organise winner’s prizes.

If you didn’t make into our short list why not have another go this month to have the chance of winning a copy of The Art of Wallace & Gromit Book and A Grand Day Out Graphic Novel! Click here to enter now >>

The next draw will be at the start of November...Good luck everyone!

jordan Posted: Oct 7th 2009

well done people

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Yeh everyone well done!

Jamie Q Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Wow, thankyou very much!! a reward for the hard work!! :D

cavor Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Super work as usual, keep them rolling in

00Failure Posted: Oct 8th 2009

cool, jamie Q u finally got a reward for all ur hard work and u deserve one for that awesome animation.:D aardman made the right choice and that book is really cool too!
well done everyone else, that cake looks soooo nice Bathsheba52 and i would of preserved that beautiful melon in the fridge WillowTheDog
once again some grand entries!

ilkka Posted: Oct 8th 2009


concon Posted: Oct 8th 2009

Well done ! :D

Jamie Q Posted: Oct 8th 2009

aw thanks 00Failure!! you rock ;)

kldceltic Posted: Oct 8th 2009

well done jamie q well done winners:D

shaun the lamb Posted: Oct 8th 2009

Great Job everyone! ;)

ilovetimmytime Posted: Oct 9th 2009

loving the melon sculpture dude. But how the heck did you scupt a melon.

concon Posted: Oct 9th 2009

Like sculpting a pumpkin :)

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 9th 2009


tucker14 Posted: Oct 9th 2009

love gromits doggie house! Very original!

Vidpal Posted: Oct 9th 2009

i can't wait to see how mine rates

tucker14 Posted: Oct 11th 2009

Vidpal that us really cute! Is it drawn or did you use the paint or drawing tools on the computer? That would've been hard! Anyway, great job!

Gromit lad Posted: Oct 11th 2009

Cool creations! I forgot all about uploading creations...
I'll upload this week I guess...
I especially like WillowTheDog's Melon carving! something about it reminds me of Halloween!



Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Congrats everyone!
it is my dream to win creations of the month.

crackingtoast Posted: Oct 15th 2009

i think it's kinda unfair that jamie Q bragged and bragged and bragged about his animation,and then he get's a special mention and prize?

Vidpal Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Jamie Q's setting a bad example for the voice in my head I'd only put old entries up if i ran out of ideas

and yes tucker14 i drew that with the Paint tool also borrowed colors from original MOLAD screen shot

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 21st 2009

hmmm lets look at my archive...
It is encouraging the sort of obnoxious behaviour that wallace and gromit is NOT about... bad example....
if you had any morals, jamie q you wouldn't accept the prize. 651280

mrmean Posted: Oct 21st 2009

Jamie Q re-entered a creation?! isn't that cheating???>:-)

mrmean Posted: Oct 21st 2009

... and he got rewarded for it???:O

Vidpal Posted: Oct 22nd 2009

i hope their kids aren't rewarded for stuff like that

101Gromit Posted: Oct 28th 2009

Well done people.Wow I surprised,this site is full of cracking inventors!

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