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pokeshon95 Posted: Oct 15th 2009

hi Nick Park,

i was just wondering, i am a really big fan of ANGRY KID!

:Dwill there be any more new episodes of ANGRY KID?

cheers nick!:):D

susanah Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Hi Mr. Park,

Im a huge fan from México, thank you so much for creating W & G, you don't have idea how they are loved in our family, my son -J.E., 7- watches your movies almost every single day, he can't say which one is his favorite!

Never have enought of Wallace & Gromit

alexcrichton Posted: Oct 15th 2009

How did you first get into animation?
Did you take a course in model making or did the opportunity just fall into your lap?

alexcrichton Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Hi Nick,

I want to get into plasticine animation/model making, did you take a course in model making or did it just fall into your lap?

heidilady Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Dear Nick,
Like Gromit, I enjoy knitting. Do you like to knit?

Daniel7084 Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Hi Nick
I’m 19 at college and looking at universities for a good course that will help me get job in Stop Motion Animation. I was wondering did you do course that was only Stop motion based or did you do a mixed animation course that led you in stop motion?
All so what do you think you would have done in life if you never got in to the animation industry would you have got in to TV righting or something?
All the best
Daniel James
P.S would you please look at my Animations and maybe levee me any comments you have
I know you’re a very busy man but it would mean the word me
Thanks agene
Daniel James

J-Snake Posted: Oct 15th 2009

Dear Nick,

Whats your favorite kind of music?

To The Moon Once Again Posted: Oct 15th 2009

NICK when did you make your first plasticine model and what was it?

who were your animation idols when you were a kid?

Vidpal Posted: Oct 15th 2009

what do you think you think Gromit would do if Wallace had died? how would he cope? waht would his day be like?

gromitfanmark Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Hi Nick, I've always wondered what age Wallace and Gromit are, do you know yourself or do you think it's best not to say???

from Mark

Ravilious2 Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Dear Nick will you marry me? (whoops I am already married scratch that... ) I am a big fan of all your work and have indoctrinated my whole family to W&G (love it when new episode is first aired at Christmas on TV- brings back the excitement and magic not experienced since childhood).My question is.....
Have you ever tried to make any of the W&G inventions for real?

trammgr Posted: Oct 16th 2009

W&G has to be one of the best things to come out of Great Britain in the last 20 years, right up there with The Thin Blue Line and The Office. My question is what has been the most interesting thing you have encountered in regards to the success of the show?

thepretender Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Will hutch get a spin off series like shawn?

ignasg Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Why don't You swtich to 3D ? I think it's less time consuming and offers more freedom for expression? Or You already did and audience just can't tell the difference ? :D

SamBrewster Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Mr. Park

I start my question with a story. When I was eight I saw the first Wallace and Gromit movie and I was entranced. The first two were bought for me on VHS by my gran, and inspired me to spend the next year or so of my after school hours before tea time trying to make my own animated films.

I used my dads camera, and as it had no frame capture button I had to start and stop the recording as quickly as possible, which was a skill in itself I can tell you. Me and my friend Luke from across the road made our own characters out of plastercine and even a park setting on the coffee table, of course you had to use your imagination. I remember spending ages re-straightening the legs because they became so squished down from making them walk about, it wasn't until I saw you on CBBC making Wallace wave until I heard about using wire inside the models.

I remember seeing a distinct similarity in the first animation you made of someone fishing and some of the short films Luke and I made, including 'Kicking a football (which hit a bird, so the man walked off whistling)', 'Walking the dog (that defecated in the mans fish and chips while he was busy fishing)' and some morph inspired ball disappearing into the ground only to reappear elsewhere. Some of the videos became childishly sadistic as I got older, which lead to my masterpiece, at the age of nine, 'Duck goes on a rampage (including pecking of a dog, flattening of a fence, but ended when the duck was run over by a lego car)'.

In retrospect, I'm impressed with myself with what I'd made, and it goes a long way to explaining the endless flicker animations all around the edge of all my exercise books right up until 6th form.

I'm now 23, a recent graduate, and working as a freelance illustrator. It's been years since I last touched plasticine, but after a friend of mine put the idea of making a music video for one of his songs into my head the first thing I though of doing was to re-kindle some of that naive imagination and make a stop-motion film.

Here's the now boring question; what, would you recommend, are the absolute essentials to creating a miniature studio? I have a digital camera and a dvd handicam and a tripod, various art materials but I was wondering if there were any specifics that you'd recommend for the set/characters.

Thanks for many years of inspiration, I'm unspeakably happy to see that Wallace and Gromit have lasted the test of time and are going stronger than ever.

Sam Brewster

p.s. I addressed this question to you as Mr. Park because I still feel like a child when talking about this.

tysiony Posted: Oct 16th 2009


If you had never been taken under Aardman's wings all those years ago-what do you think you'd be doing now? Would you still be in film or animation?
Would you have finished A grand day out?

Glad you did btw :)

wayne b Posted: Oct 16th 2009

HI Nick,
My son William (14)is a big fan of AARDMAN, and is very interested in coming to work for you.He does not know i have written this to you by the way.Can you outline what he would need to do to work for you?
thanks you are a great inspiration to my son.

Wayne (DAD of WILLIAM)

elmolee Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Dear Nick,

Bouncing off the question before me about cute animals...Your work is so profoundly cute--which sounds like an oxymoron, but I think W&G inspires feelings of joy around the world because it appeals to a childlike adoration of animals in everyone who sees it.

Do you have a philosophy on the nature of cuteness? Is it something you think about in the abstract or just something you express through animation? (I know that much of animation can involve breaking down what other people take for granted so that you can recreate it...but maybe this is something you can't overthink?)

Thank you for making the most delightful movies!

timtcroke Posted: Oct 16th 2009

when will wallace & gromit return i,m missing them
please made a new series of the cracking advencheres it rocks
to keep us happy till the new film is releast
and please make shaun the sheep in to a movie
thanks nick for your brillant work as always

Pearl Barker Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Hi Nick,
I am a dog person and I dream in color, even though I can't see in color. Do you dream of Wallace and Gromit? If so, what do you dream?

Pearl Barker

BenGardner Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Hi Nick,

What do you make the sheeps fur of?

Your biggest fan Benjamin

odalisque Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Hi Nick,
My question is about the music for your films. When you work with Julian Nott on the score for a new film, do you give him any direction or suggestions, or do you simply hand him the script and let him have a go at it?

Also, does he use the same group of musicians for the scoring every time?


crackingtoast Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Hi Nick.
You are Simply the greatest Stop-motion animator around,along with the greats like Ray Harryhausen,Oliver Postgate,Peter Firmin and Ivor Wood. You are a massive inspiation to young animators everywhere,like me,and i think it's safe to say,since you greated Wallace and Gromit,you are a bit of a genius. here's my question to you,and here's hoping it gets anwsers. What Advice would you give an amuteur animator on making a Wallace And Gromit Fan-film?
Thanks In Advance should you anwser,but thanks anyway if you don't.
P.S. would you care to look at some of my animations on youtube? if not,that's fine. just writing something you may read makes me excited.

ctdm Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Why did you decide to do a much more violent and dark film in "a Matter of Loaf and Death"? I cannot show it to my child as it is too violent and my child is a huge W&G fan!

Mnemosine Posted: Oct 16th 2009

Dear Nick
I'm very greatful for this oportunity to ask questions about you and your job. My questions are: what were the factors for deciding to use the technique of stop motion? When did you meet Peter Lord and Brian Sibley? This meeting, it helped a lot for you?
Thank you for your fimls! I hope that we can will see it more!


paulandwendy Posted: Oct 17th 2009

Hi Nick,

Question: as Wallace & Gromit have traversed from the 20th century to the 21st century, will the animation continue to be clay |-) or become computer generated?:-(

regards, paul and wendy.

paulandwendy Posted: Oct 17th 2009

Hi Nick,

Q:As Wallace & Gromit have traversed from the 20th century to the 21st century,will they continue to be clay animation or become computer generated?

best regards,
Paul & Wendy

pritam Posted: Oct 17th 2009

Those animals in your animation are unable to speak human language, unlike other amimations say Winnie The Pooh, why you don't add sound track to those animals, or have you ever considered that? Do you think you will ever do that in the future?

kaleidascoopa Posted: Oct 17th 2009

Dear Nick,
How did you get your Wallace and Gromet story out to the masses, and become such a revered house hold name in animation?
I have created a uniquley scented children's book,where I hope to donate 10% of all net sales back into community environments...the initial response is promising, but any further advice from yourself would be invaluable

sundanceuk Posted: Oct 19th 2009

i love you nick

Fish Posted: Oct 19th 2009


I am a fan currently living in the "heartland" of the USA. Thank you for all your wonderful creations! Your particular brand of craziness in your W&G films has saved my sanity more than once! :D

Question: Why did you change Gromit's appearance when you did the films after A Grand Day Out? I am not complaining - I just would like to know what your thoughts were as you were changing him. It seems to me he has changed a bit for each film...

Rachie Posted: Oct 19th 2009

Have always imagined what life would be like if Wallace was Prime Minister! What new laws would he pass if elected? ;)

cokacolalvr Posted: Oct 19th 2009

hi nick! i've grown up with wallace and gromit, they are my favorite friends to watch and i love your animation. are there any plans for a new theartical wallace and gromit movie?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 20th 2009

You have been my biggest inspiration in life, here is my question: Am I correct in thinking you went to the 'national film and television school'? If yes then how difficult is it to get in, as a student what should I do other then make small animations to ensure I get a possible place.
Thanks. :)
I understand that you are very busy but if you have any spare time please check my animation on youtube,
Thank You for your time!
Lawrence Vincent

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 20th 2009

Any chance of reviving "A Grand Night Out" - the & stage play?

CritterCampMom Posted: Oct 21st 2009

Dear Nick,
Given your extensive use of animals in your work I would like to know what your favorite animal is. Thanks!

mrmean Posted: Oct 21st 2009

Hi Nick,
what is it with you and green sweaters???>:-)

head_wizard Posted: Oct 21st 2009

Hi Nick, thanks for all the joy and the great characters you have brought us. Just curious what else you are working on(Wallace and Gromit or anything else) or any projects you are just thinking about.

kieran Posted: Oct 22nd 2009

will you ever bring feathers mcgraw back in an episode of wallace and gromit?

pauloaragao Posted: Oct 22nd 2009

Hi Nick!
I like a lot of Aardman animations!:)
My questions are:
-What advice and tips can you give to beginners in animation to enter the film/tv industry?
-What you think about stopmotion animation market, nowadays and in the future? Rising, falling, in stagnancy?
Thank you!!!

Paulo (from Brazil) :D

BlooChicken Posted: Oct 22nd 2009

Hey Nick

I'm wondering, why do you keep moving through plots between W&G films? Wallace staying as an all-time inventor is a keeper, but wouldn't it be nice to settle on one bussiness and one love at the monment?

Ursrut Posted: Oct 23rd 2009

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some of our questions.
my question is:
When you were a child was there something that you saw that suddenly made you think, i want to do animations or did been given the home movie camera just trigger your interest in animation?


wandgfan21 Posted: Oct 23rd 2009

Quick update- I make that 91 comments and about 97 questions ( but probably more). If we round it up to 100 then that means 1/5 of the questions will be chosen, each question Currently has a 20% chance of being chosen and those who have posted more than one question will obviously have a greater chance. It will be hard for aardman to decide which questions will be chosen.

wandgfan21 Posted: Oct 23rd 2009

Hi Nick,
I hope one of my questions finds it's way to you, having been a fan for more than half my life it is a great honor to have the chance to ask you a question.

My question is did you ever think wallace and gromit would be this popular? And what was it like when you won you first oscar and indeed all of the others (and hopefully A matter of loaf and death too)?

lolbunny Posted: Oct 24th 2009

Hi Nick,
I am one of your biggest fans, an although all my mates think they are too old for Wallace and Gromit, I still LOVE to watch the episodes and movies to my heart's content. One question I have for you is this: When there was that fire at one of your Aardman factories and you lost some of your plasticine models (the chickens from Chicken Run, the evil penguin from The Wrong Trousers, etc.) did you lose or or ?

jaco boy Posted: Oct 24th 2009

Why did you come up with W&G? It is so good.
How to you make it so cool?
How many episodes have their been?
Last question: What is your favorite food?

nigel_sars Posted: Oct 24th 2009

Hi Nick,

I would like to know how you came up with the idea for Creature Comforts. How did you decide on the animals used for the recorded voice tracks? Would you have preferred to win your first Oscar award for Wallace and Gromit over Creature Comforts?

Thank you all your animation contributions!


RAF-MAN Posted: Oct 25th 2009

How would you start annimation and is it hard?

concon Posted: Oct 25th 2009

I could probably answer half these questions for Nick ! Things like ...

Q) How many episodes have their been?
A) There has been four shorts and one feature length movie.

Q) How would you start animation and is it hard?
A) You can start animation with as little as a video camera and play doh to as big as a studio and armatures. Yes it can be hard work but the best bit is when it all comes together and you can see your work on screen !

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Oct 25th 2009

Hi Nick

I've been a great fan of yours since I was about four years old and you have been a real inspiration to me.

When you were young, were there any particular animators or cartoonists that inspired you to begin animating?

Thanks and I hope my question gets answered,


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