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Cro Posted: Oct 25th 2009

Hi Nick,
My husband, ny two daughters and I love W&G - we are huge huge fans. Whenever we watch the scene in The Wrong Trousers when Gromit is having breakfast we wonder where his mouth is! My eldest daughter, Cristina (aged 6) always asks how Gromit eats when he doesn't have a mouth! So that's our question: What made you decide that Gromit didn't need a mouth?
Well done for your truly inspirational work! Gromit is our hero and the train chase scene is the best chase scene ever! Thanks for some wonderful entertaining viewing!
Crocetta (39) and my family Jose (41), Cristina (6) and Elena (3).

Paulniggy Posted: Oct 25th 2009

Hello Nick

My passion is to become an animator/Modelmaker and has been since the age of 6 years, I am now 13 years of age. How can I expand my work from using still photgraphs, so that I can make my animation more realistic, so they feel like they are real people to the audience.

Thank you

Alex (age 13)

abra Posted: Oct 26th 2009

Hello Nick Park

My name is Abraham and I am 12. I'm from Australia and I wish to go to Bristol just to meet you. You are my biggest fan and am highly favoured to your past amazing stop animation films.

You are my greatest inspiration and model and I always put a devotion to you in my own stop animation film. I've read the Cracking Animation! book and I was wondering,since I have Stop Motion Pro a way to make a good lip synce scene without any of the smuges and the whole 'taking off the whole head' technique.

(I am so happy and gratful that I am in contact with you!!)
Good luck with your upcoming 'A World of Invention' show and best wishes with you new cracking ideas!!!

cavor Posted: Oct 26th 2009

Hi Nick

I know I share a passion for movies, sci-fi and Ray Harryhausen’s work like your self, In the H G Wells based film 'The First Men In The Moon' there was an eccentric inventor 'Cavor' plus a moon ship (sphere) beautifully made complete with rivets! Did this film heavily influence you for the ideas for 'Grand Day Out’?

Thanks for all your inspirational work

Steven Garrett

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 26th 2009

Ok, that's it folks! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a question, there's been a fantastic response and we've now got the tricky job of shortlisting 20 top questions to ask Nick!

To find out whether your question was chosen, check back to on the 4th of November to see our video interview...

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 28th 2009

..and just as a sneak peek, we finished interviewing yesterday - not long now 'til you can all watch the final cut!

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 28th 2009

Thats great katie, did you film it in a cinema?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 29th 2009

Yes, we filmed it in the cinema in the new Aardman building :)

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 29th 2009

And well done Katie - had that camera perfectly positioned so no one can see you! ;)

What a treat!

sheriffreef Posted: Oct 29th 2009

Hello Nick Park,

I am a big fan of Wallace and Gromit. I remember first discovering them, when you went on 'Blue Peter' way back in 1992! The latest film 'A matter of loaf and death' was brilliant! Another Wallace & Gromit film would be great too... But I was wondering if you have any other future projects of your own... other then wallace & gromit? Maybe some all together new characters? I know you would not be able to say much if you did... but it would be interesting to see what else you can think up. I'm sure whatever you came up with, everyone would like it.

ben 2 Posted: Oct 30th 2009

im so annoyed i got so cought up in testing i dident have a chance to ask a question so i sent a question to aardman

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 30th 2009

@seb - yeah I know, but there's no hiding for me in the interview!

@sheriffreff - I'm afraid we've closed the call for questions now - but maybe a similar question might crop up in the interview ;) I'll close this thread now to avoid any further confusion.

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