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goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 5th 2008

how do u get stuff 2 fly like on wallace and gromit i ave
stopmotion pro which is cooooooool and i ave won an award at
the ani fest i and only 11 but i need help 2 compleat my latest animation

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 5th 2008

I'm eleven too! You must be new! To get stuff to fly, you probably have to put it on strings. I REALLY want Stop Motion Pro. What award at what anifest. Do you live in Scotland?;)

cavor Posted: Jan 5th 2008

Using fine nylon sewing thread is ideal for suspend things you want fly, as an extra tip lightly dust the thread with talcum powder, less likely to get picked up by your lighting that way;)

littlejames13 Posted: Jan 6th 2008

Hey Goatmaster99. If you email me on
i can send you a tutorial on how to do it if you like :)
and that goes to anyone else who wants to know how to do it!

Check out my videos on youtube, just search littlejames13 and go on my christmas one, i have made things appear to fly on my videos.


Mark the shark Posted: Jan 6th 2008

Thank you, ;)Littlejammes13!

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