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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 27th 2009

In our latest activity pack we have an excellent Grand Day Out ‘spot the difference’, where you need to find all 20 differences between the two pictures. If you want to have a go before you look at the answers below, click here.

Did you get all 20? If not, here are all the answers!

And if the pictures aren’t enough, here’s a list of the differences...

1) The picture in the top left corner is changed to one of Wallace & Gromit
2) The handle is taken off the cup on the far left hand side of the picture
3) One of the dots is taken off Gromit’s chair
4) The handle is gone from Gromit’s cup of tea
5) The title ‘Holidays’ is taken off the spine of the book on the floor
6) One leg of the table is missing
7) The stripes on the sugar pot are gone
8 ) The spoon is missing from the sugar pot
9) Wallace’s cheese and crackers are missing
10) A dot is missing from the vase of flowers
11) A flower is missing from the vase
12) The wood panel in the window has gone
13) Some of the pattern from the right curtain has gone
14) A panel is missing from the back of the magazine Wallace is reading
15) The word ‘Cheese’ is missing from the front of Wallace’s magazine
16) The corner of a picture frame is missing next to Wallace’s left hand
17) The holes have gone from the cheese in the picture on the wall.
18 ) A knife is missing from the picture on the wall
19) The pattern is missing from the side of Wallace’s chair
20) The writing is gone from the open magazine under the table

How did you do? :D

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Cool I got 12 of them . :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Nov 7th 2009

i got 18!

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 8th 2009

19 WOOP!!

Didnt see the knife on the cheese painting!

1908 Posted: Dec 9th 2009

got em all:D>:-)

mondotiki Posted: Feb 17th 2010

we got 18! What fun! We missed the stripe on the sugar bowl and the picture behind Wallace's holiday book.

Gromit lad Posted: Feb 17th 2010

Wow thts hard! got 11....

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