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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 30th 2009

To help celebrate Wallace & Gromit’s 20th Anniversary, BBC2 are filming an edition of The Culture Show at the Aardman studios in Bristol.


Wallace & Gromit's 20th Anniversary will be celebrated on the Culture Show. Presented by Lauren Laverne and Mark Kermode the show will air on 19th November and look at the duo’s first introduction to the British public in A Grand Day Out in 1989 and their later escapades in The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, A Curse of the Were Rabbit and A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Nick Park will talk to Mark Kermode about his creative inspirations, from The Beano comic to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, while some of Wallace & Gromit’s high profile fans, including Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross and Ian Hislop, explain how and why they fell in love with this one man and his dog. Lauren Laverne will also trace the wider history of Aardman Animations, from its origins in the 1970s and the creation of the now iconic character ‘Morph’, to its more recent collaboration with Dreamworks.

In addition to the above, Mark Kermode, Simon Mayo and an audience of film fans will discuss the greatest and most influential animations of all time, looking at Snow White, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Wall-E and Dougal and the Blue Cat, and debating the merits of stop-frame animation, CGI and Pixar’s contemporary brilliance.

Don’t miss Wallace & Gromit’s 20th Anniversary on The Culture Show, 19th November on BBC2.

jordan Posted: Oct 30th 2009

cant wait katie! thanks for posting

Vidpal Posted: Oct 30th 2009

if only my dumb knee surgeons hadn't ruined my circulation path i could stand taking a loooonger plane ride to England right away instead of working my way up to it

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Oct 30th 2009

That's it - my DVD recorder will be set for The Culture Show, phone off the hook, broadband and mobile switched off... I will be officially NOT AT HOME whilst this is on!

... then I'll be switched on after the end of the prog!


Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 30th 2009

I'm definetly recording it!!!

Ursrut Posted: Oct 31st 2009

Going to put that on my calendar now!

crackin cheese Posted: Oct 31st 2009

Me too recording all the way

GromitxFluffles Posted: Oct 31st 2009

I'll be letting my parents know about this! :D

101Gromit Posted: Oct 31st 2009

Me too!

concon Posted: Nov 1st 2009

I cant wait ! :D

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 1st 2009

Ive never heard of the culture show? it sounds cool, but i wish i'd know what channel it would be on... I'll look it up!|-)


Jamie Gomersall Posted: Nov 1st 2009


Gromit lad Posted: Nov 1st 2009

Wow. I feel dumb. Thank you though.|-)


Fish Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

Well..I wish I could see this show...but there is an ocean between me and it....rats!:-( Maybe someone who gets to see it could describe it or review it here...?

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

I'll certainly be writing about it on Fish, don't worry.

Fish Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

Thanks, Seb! |-)

ryster102 Posted: Nov 3rd 2009

I wonder why their doin' that??

concon Posted: Nov 3rd 2009

Duh ! Cos its Wallace and Gromit's 20th anniversary! There like the most famous animated characters ever! (In my head.)

richy38 Posted: Nov 11th 2009

briils will have to watch that! Cant believe its been 20yrs already. Here's to the next 20;)

kldceltic Posted: Nov 18th 2009

i have to watch it on bbc1 london or south as i am in scotland:):D

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 20th 2009

great programme,but i expected more on wallace and gromit rather than war posters and stuff. it was interesting to see nick's influences.

Seb Moderator Posted: Nov 25th 2009

Read our response to the programme here:

And don't forget to leave comments on the article!

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