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nam man06 Posted: Nov 6th 2009

it would be really cool and i think it would make the beano even more populular! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 6th 2009

i dont know,
what would the movie be about?
Unless it was a documentary, that would be interesting!

Cameronl Posted: Nov 6th 2009

They have tried to make cartoon adaptions of all the Beano characters before in one cartoon! In my opinion it was rubbish. So I don't think a movie would work. Mabye in beetween CBBC shows they could have shorts where Rodger the Dodger shows you dodges...or something like that.

cookiecookson Posted: Nov 6th 2009

yea good idea!:D

wandgfan21 Posted: Nov 6th 2009

Although i would like to see more beano out there a movie wouldn't work. I think the characters are best in the comics and they should stay there.
Although i do like the idea of Rodger teaching us some dodges. But it would probably only work in 5 minuet episodes to fill gaps in programming.

whathappend- i am guessing you are a dandy fan or just don't like comics?:-|

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Have Any Of You Read Those Bash Street Kids Comics In The Annuals That Always Involve Something Epic,Sometimes Including Other Characters and Older Characters (E.G. The Tiddy-Winks Competion Between Plug And Baby Faced Finalyson,The Robot Clones Of The Beano Characters,Plug Getting A Girlfriend) I'm Sure If They Did Some Like That Which Old And New Characters From The Beano Teaming Up.

Now,I Like The Beano, But I Also Like The Dandy. But Which Is Better? There's Only One Way To Find Out! FIGHT!
Maybe It Has Dandy VS Beano,but Eventually They Settle Their Differences.

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Has anyone seen the old comic wih The Bash Street Kids and a new Lord Snooty who is like 'bling bling sup'. X)

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 7th 2009

I Don't Like What They've Done To Lord Snooty,But The G Bikes Comic With The Bash Street Kids Was Great,And Was Specially Requested By Nick Park Since They Where One Of His Favourite Strips.

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Q-Bikes. ;)

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Just edited this together.

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Sorry,I Get Mixed Up Which Letters And Colour. I Mean Orange If I Say Green,And I Mean Green If I Say Orange. I's The Same Which Q's And G's.

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

I get miked up with Theyre , there and their. :D

Cameronl Posted: Nov 7th 2009

@wandgfan21 Or Ball Boy teaches you football tricks.

nam man06 Posted: Nov 7th 2009

howdy again! what do you think of my picture? :D

concon Posted: Nov 7th 2009

Cool. Do you like mine ?

Cameronl Posted: Nov 7th 2009

I do!:D

Mick B Posted: Jul 13th 2013

Does anyone have this comic strip with the Q bikes, I'm looking for it.

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