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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 11th 2009

The 27th Creation competition winners have now been decided! We had lots of entries on our shortlist this month, so well done to everyone for submitting such original creations! And our winners are;


1st Prize – A copy of The Art of Wallace & Gromit Sketch Book, a copy of A Grand Day Out Graphic Novel and a signed certificate from Nick Park

RachG with their brilliant models of Mr & Mrs Mulch with their prize pumpkin!

Runners Up – A Grand Day Out Graphic Novel

BANSKY with an excellent model of Gromit

Gromit Lad with a comic strip picture showing Wallace & Gromit finding a Halloween pumkin

Dimon with an original glazed clay model of Gromit and a great sketch of his workshop

There were no entries for the Top Bun award this month, so don’t forget to get baking and send us your tasty creations!

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who took part this month. The standard of entries has been really high so keep up the good work...and keep sending us your creations!

And if you didn’t make the shortlist this month, why not have another go to have a chance of winning a copy Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection on DVD. Click here to enter now >>

Good luck everyone!

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 11th 2009

Well done to all the winners!

saycheesewallace123 Posted: Nov 11th 2009

concon Posted: Nov 11th 2009

Well done everyone!

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 11th 2009

Thanks! It feels akward, because some other people posted even better drawings then me. Well this is cool! I wish I had a store around me to purchase wallace and gromit products, but this will be a grand book! I hope my little sister won't get ahold of it and ruin it...I'll do my best to protect it...haha


crackin cheese Posted: Nov 12th 2009

Well done to all

Fish Posted: Nov 13th 2009

Brilliant everyone!:)

Siro6 Posted: Nov 13th 2009

well done guys!;)

tucker14 Posted: Nov 13th 2009

Cracking all of you! Wonderful!

ShaunGromit Posted: Nov 13th 2009

The first 2 are amazing

wallace007 Posted: Nov 15th 2009

wow! great job everyone! I wish I had a chance to win...
I'm not a very good artist sadly. :'(

kldceltic Posted: Nov 16th 2009

well done winners

i like the model gromit one

wallace007 Posted: Nov 17th 2009

Well done everyone!!! You are so lucky.

wallace007 Posted: Nov 17th 2009

I'll try to come up with something creative next time...
I really want to have a chance at winning!!! |-)

jills Posted: Nov 20th 2009

Very nice entries! Well done

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 20th 2009

cracking creations there! well done everyone!

duckclay Posted: Nov 23rd 2009

duckclay Posted: Nov 24th 2009

wallace007 Posted: Nov 25th 2009


mrmean Posted: Dec 6th 2009

i thought winners are announced on the 1st of the following month... y is November winners still not announced yet?

kldceltic Posted: Dec 6th 2009

they're doin it morah

anyway aardman does not work on weekends:-(

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 7th 2009

BANSKY's model of Gromit was by far the best. It should have won.

I would have given it 6/6, and probably 4/6 to the Mulches model.

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 7th 2009

To Be Honest I Agree With You But The Mr And Mrs Mulch Models Where Very Good.

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 8th 2009

What were they made out of?

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 8th 2009

Fimo I think.

mrmean Posted: Dec 9th 2009

to kldceltic: what does "morah" mean?

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