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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 20th 2009

With Christmas upon us, the Wallace & Gromit Foundation has released some cracking Wallace & Gromit Christmas cards.


The packs have two designs featuring the inventor and his faithful companion getting into the festive spirit. With 15% of sales going straight to the Wallace & Gromit Foundation, the cards will help raise money for children in hospices and hospitals throughout the UK.

The cards will be available from John Lewis, Waitrose and many independent greeting cards retailers throughout the UK.

And they are also now available to buy online! To order yours now, click here!

For more information, visit the Wallace & Gromit Foundation website.

Ursrut Posted: Nov 20th 2009

Yay! I'm glad it isn't just through the internet like last year!

GromitxFluffles Posted: Nov 20th 2009

Sweet!!! I am SOOOO using these cards this year! XD

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Nov 21st 2009

There's a branch of Waitrose just opened near me and a John Lewis not too far away as well. Spoiled for choice, so I am, as to where to buy a box of these cards :D

I also have religious Christmas cards (including a couple of Hanukkah cards) to give to family and friends and these will be perfect to fit into the same envelope.

I would love to receive one of these cards for Christmas myself, actually. 0:)

Now, that's cheeky!

Tiggs Posted: Nov 22nd 2009

:h:-Xutch:::glasses;)swee0:)t bette:-(|)r than y>:-)our avrange christmas and for charity to sweet|-)

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 23rd 2009

Aww man........:-(

wallyfans Posted: Nov 24th 2009

Guess what I'm getting for christmas!:D

concon Posted: Nov 25th 2009

LOL. I comented on the Wallace and Gromit bebo group blog about the Christmas cards.

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 25th 2009

You know what would make good Christmas cards? Copies of those made in the cracking contraption!!

JAHomer Posted: Nov 26th 2009

This card is adorable! I'm gonna give it to my sister!

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 27th 2009

Great idea Glb

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 7th 2009

We've just had exciting news that the Wallace & Gromit Christmas Cards are now available to buy online! See above or follow this link to order yours now...

Buy Wallace & Gromit Christmas Cards!

gravalace Posted: Nov 13th 2010

gromit & wallace is feeding

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