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Harry Posted: Jan 8th 2008

well as conty was doing the johney & cherry thing i decided after he said do any of you have any ideas for some so i just thought and thought and one night i told my mum about trouble at mill and asked her what would be a good character for it and we both decided with my mum thinking of the name. why not a farmer that likes to get homemade bread and little pasties from Top Bun, and here he, i will make a model sometime but i am waiting at the moment for the newplast to come. hope you like him. i put the picture on the computer and then fiddled around with it abit, or else it would of been awful quality! the model will be on in febuary as i am making another character for next COTM!

jordan Posted: Jan 8th 2008

very cool harry i really like it A++++++++++++++++++


Mark the shark Posted: Jan 8th 2008

Yep! Good one Harry! I await the model with anticipation!:D

Harry Posted: Jan 8th 2008

Hi, Guys, I Think The Model Will Be Coming In A While, Just Stay Tuned To Here, Or Just Look When It Gets To The Top Of The List, It Wont Be On Until I Have Made My Model Of Piella So All I Have To Do Now Is Wait For Plasticine To Come Then Make Piella Then Get Some Plasticine For Mr. Jiles So It Wont Be On For A While But While I Am Waiting For Plasticine I Might Do Some Pictures Of Farmer Jiles In Different Places On The Farm And Stuff Like That! Stay Tuned

conty Posted: Jan 8th 2008

hehe thats great harry, look forward to seeing your model of him, maybe you should of called him farmer o'wheat and his missus could of been called mauld (mauldy ole wheat) not a very pretty character in her scruffy old clothes and farmers wellies, ;) good job

Harry Posted: Jan 8th 2008

Thanks Conty, He Isnt A Really Well GRR But He Sure Is Strong To Lift Up Those Piggys On The Farm! well the model will be soon

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 9th 2008

YEAH! Good luck, Harry Potter!;) Soz, i just had to say that!:D

cinders1 Posted: Jan 13th 2008

well done harry nice idea look forward to your model

hehehehe conty, mauldy ole wheat!!!! good one;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Yes, Conty's quite a good joker!;)

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