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Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

I'm one!;)

Bitzer the dog Posted: Jan 12th 2008

i want a sequel

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Good! That's two votes!;)

springwizard Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Any one????HELLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why is everyone suddenly so quiet? Was it something I said?

springwizard Posted: Jan 14th 2008

That's good,keep'em comming,we need at least 32 more votes. Aardman staff,what do you think?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 16th 2008

Yes, it was something you said.

Secretagent Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Listen,Mark,About that. I was wrong to let my temper go like that. I promise,It won't happen again. 4give me????:'(

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

You are forgiven.

Secretagent Posted: Jan 27th 2008

So,any more votes? Comeon,we need as many votes as we can get in order to make the rumor a reality.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 28th 2008

Secretagent, have you been banned again?:O

conty Posted: Jan 29th 2008

i think shes gone mark, i seen a post from katie somewhere;)

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 29th 2008

Um,guys,it's me,my third account,I promise to only say nice things from now on,though I still say some of you better wize up,I mean look,I don't wanna get banned again,so don't say or do anything that might provoke me to offend you again. I know,I'll work out a system so that when I'm offended or anoyed I'll post the word "Ah-hem" followed by the user name of the one who offended me and what they said that bothered me,so,truce?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008

I don't think that's true after what you said in that other forum "Let's talk about Socks!". From the way you're going I say you've got another hundred accounts to go if Katie sees what you wrote! It's your own fault you got banned. We did absoutley nothing!

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 31st 2008

I didn't mean YOU mark. And as for what I said about socks,I take it back,it seemed like some of the socks were pretty cool,unlike the boring,dingy grey socks that tend to be in my dresser drawers. I guess you could say I was a little jellous. My bad.:-(

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

I think you did mean me.

Dani_Nev_Bo Posted: Feb 4th 2008

I totally loved it but the singing slugs annoyed me!!!!


Cybergurl Posted: Feb 4th 2008

Okay,that's four votes so far,keep them coming. Our goal is to have at least four hundred votes for "yes".

cavor Posted: Feb 5th 2008

The way some big companies work is if they have a huge success with there film they are keen to release a money making spin off sequel.
But I feel Aardmans aren't like that and would only do sequel if they felt they could equally match or better the first film story wise, I believe from what I read that Flushed Away wasn't the huge success Aardmans were looking for!!
So not a lot of point in a sequel, besides which Dreamworks were the big name on the credits so will possible own most of the rights!!

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 7th 2008

I LOVED FLUSHED AWAY SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! THERE HAS TO BE A SEQUEL! (Where did you find the info anyway?):D

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Have any of you ever checked out Fanfiction? I've got an account and I have a few pics that people have drawn for the stories we write:

Jenna and Duchess

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Cool ones!!!;)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Jenna,I've got a board for sequel ideas if you wanna look at that.KEEP THE VOTES COMMING!

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Can you please show me them because once I have finished the current saga I need some ideas. I think you should check out and read the stories.
my first one is called

jenna adventures: the begining

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

That sounds good!

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 8th 2008

A Character I made up is Becky St. James. Supposedly Roddy And Rita got hitched and gave seed-fourth(as Shakespeare would put it.) To a litter of young rodents whos names begin with "R". But the ultimate Jewel of them all is the one called Rebecca Aka Becky The Brain who is currious,smart and a Bit Of a Ring-leader,apart from the fact that she's a toddler.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Did you not make a model of that ages ago. Or was that someone else? Like a pink cat thing?:D

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Err,yes I did,on one of my old accounts,that was a mystake.But you should take a look at my Latest drawing of Gromit Playing basketball.

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 11th 2008

That sounds good but there is already a story similar to that being written at the moment but i'll let you know if I need any help.


Cybergurl Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Roddy and Rita Sitting in a tree,Kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-in-gee. Yeah,alright,WOOHOOO!!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Wow, Jenna Malone don't take it too far!

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 14th 2008

It's not me thats writing the story!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 19th 2008

No, the "Die" thing.:D

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 20th 2008

Or maybe a "Die" like the ones they roll in Vegas! Nyyyyaaah!

curt t1 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

i want a sequal. the slug things were so funny. another great original ardman movie

curt t1 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

THE SINGING SLUGS RULE. WE WANT A SEQUAL ARDMAN! please please please please pretty please!

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 27th 2008

Oh,yeah! Gotta love those slugs. ROLLIN' ON DA RIVAH! Oh man,baby YEAH!

curt t1 Posted: Feb 27th 2008

they helped make the movie great.

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 28th 2008

It wouldn't be the same without the slugs.

cavor Posted: Feb 28th 2008

I've got to agree with you there Cybergurl, it would be like Ice Age with out Scrat :)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 29th 2008

Never cared for that movie. BTW,Have you heard about the new Barbie movie,Mariposia,I think it's kinda like "Fairytopia".But I'm not sure if it's part of that or if it's a separate movie all its own. Either way,I hear it's gonna be great.

cavor Posted: Feb 29th 2008

Sorry never heard of Barbie movie,Mariposia

Cybergurl Posted: Mar 1st 2008

Well,maybee you should go to and cheak it out. (pardon my spelling)

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

Ice Age? NEVER CARED!!! It's amazing!!! Esepcially the second one! Hey, Cybergurl, just tonight I was wondering where you were, but you obviously don't go on General Chat. :-(

Cybergurl Posted: Mar 3rd 2008

I've got a sign on my bedroom door that says "I'm not realy a royal,but I'm queen of MY castle." Cheeky,eh?

Jenna malone Posted: Mar 11th 2008

Where can I get one? (That sounds like the sort of thing that Duchess would say)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Hi guys?

arthur Posted: May 2nd 2008

it was a major hit and brilliant fim

black Posted: May 4th 2008

i didnt see it.

curt t1 Posted: May 4th 2008

what?how did you not see it!it was brilliant!

Fourthtry Posted: May 7th 2008

The Door hanger, It's made out of construction paper written with crayola glitter crayons. I made it myself.

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