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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 15th 2009

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Wallace & Gromit appearing on our screens during the festive fun and this year is no exception! You might have already spotted the inventive pair in some yuletide adverts in the lead up to Christmas and you’ll all be glad to know that there’s a lot more to come...

Wallace & Gromit in the new Marks & Spencer Christmas adverts

Wallace & Gromit Films

Get ready to settle down and enjoy all five of Wallace & Gromit’s adventures over the holidays. Some are even being aired more than once so you can’t miss them! Below are all the times for Wallace & Gromit films over Christmas;


Sat 26th December 1640 Film: Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit, (R)
Mon 28th December 1900 Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf & Death, (R)
Tue 29th December 1755 Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out, (R)
Wed 30th December 1750 Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave, (R)
Thu 31st December 1720 Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, (R)


Sun, 20th December 1900 Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out
Mon, 21st December 2000 Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trouser


Sat, 26th December 1640 Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were Rabbit Rpt Simulcast with BBC ONE
Tue, 29th December 1755 Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out Simulcast with BBC ONE
Wed, 30th December 1750 Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave Rpt Simulcast with BBC ONE
Thu, 31st December 1720 Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers Rpt Simulcast with BBC ONE

Wallace & Gromit for Marks & Spencer

The duo are also featuring in Marks and Spencer’s Christmas adverts, alongside other British celebrities like Stephen Fry, Philip Glenister and Joanna Lumley. The ad has the theme ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without...’ and sees all the celebrities listing their favourite things about Christmas. Another advert also shows Wallace & Gromit ordering their Christmas shopping including, of course, cheese, to be delivered to their door.


Everyone had great fun filming Wallace & Gromit’s parts for the Marks & Spencer Christmas adverts, here are some fun facts about their making...

• The tree decorations in Wallace & Gromit’s house are all based on the real M&S Christmas 2009 range. They were first moulded in resin, sprayed gold and dipped in a glass paint mix to create the shine and then decorated with glitter and beads.
• It is the first time a computer has been seen in Wallace & Gromit’s world. It was handmade in our prop department and took four days to fabricate as it had to have working miniature lights fitted so it looked like it was switched on. It also had to be animatable when Gromit touched it.
• The snow falling outside the window was created with computer animation in post production
• Gromit’s albums were designed by our illustrator Nigel Davies with some puns for titles such as the Red Hot Chilli Puppies, Let it brie by the Beagles and Good King Wensleydale by Stilton john. These are not necessarily seen on first viewing but are there if fans care to take the time to find them.

Wallace & Gromit’s Energy Saving House

You may also have noticed that Wallace & Gromit are starring in their very own npower adverts, where they are seen making their house energy efficient and ready for Christmas.

They also have their own Energy Saving House online, which you can explore to find helpful tips on how to make your house energy efficient. The house has been decorated in preperation for Christmas and if you look around, you might find some surprises too! Visit Wallace & Gromit house and have a look around here.


Have a cracking Christmas everyone!

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 16th 2009

Cracking! I wonder if Nicks planning anything big for this hole thng?

Siro6 Posted: Dec 16th 2009

I saw the record puns! :D

Ursrut Posted: Dec 16th 2009

he he... i had great fun using my sky + the other night reading all of them.
If you find a tv in marks and spencer i think you also take a good bet that they have the advert with wallace and gromit in it.
Thanks for those facts Kirstin, they're just cracking!

GromitxFluffles Posted: Dec 16th 2009

It's not just a claymation duo, it's an Aardman-animated claymation duo. XD

PoisonIvy Posted: Dec 17th 2009

YULE love it xD

ajmole Posted: Dec 17th 2009

Anything for the US to look foreword to?

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 19th 2009

let it brie? this is coming from a beatles fan,but that is simply genius.

kldceltic Posted: Dec 20th 2009

i am watching a grand day out at 7:00pm:D:);)

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 20th 2009

Thanks for reminding me kldceltic!

kldceltic Posted: Dec 21st 2009

the wrong trousers is on today at 8:00pm:D:)

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 21st 2009

I've recorded that, but thanks anyway! ;)

kldceltic Posted: Dec 21st 2009

hehe am watchin it

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Dec 21st 2009

kldceltic was it good

kldceltic Posted: Dec 22nd 2009

aye it was:):D

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 22nd 2009

RRrrrr.... (yes I said rrrrrr, not a pirate, nor a dragon, IM MAD!) I missed it.... Im skippin thru channels lookind for BBC... I no im on in Us.... Sometimes when i look up the videos, they say its not able to view do to the type of grammer in it.....ugh. Well Im hoping this christmas will be a bit cheesey...(W & G filled)

Seb Moderator Posted: Dec 23rd 2009

Of course the big question is will this 'The Wrong Trousers' have the original music or the DVD music score when Feathers plays his radio and Gromit watches telly...? I remember the BBC repeat 3 years ago had the original music at least!

Anyone know yet?

Aardeej Posted: Dec 23rd 2009

Whenever I have seen the Wrong Trousers on TV, it always contains the original music and for some reason it fits the scene a lot better then the music used on the DVD version.

The music is different on the DVD because of contractual reasons, in other words it can cost money to use certain songs from different record companies.

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 23rd 2009

I noticed that to. Dvd and once they played it a long time ago i watched it off of live tv.... Whats with that? Like a play over the song er something?

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 24th 2009

I Hate The Replaced Music. As TWT Was The First W&G Film I,And Probably Alot Of Other People, Saw,The Music Played During The Gromit Sleeping Scenes Are Just Too Iconic To Be Replaced. I Do Hope The Original Music Is Restored For A Later DVD Release Sometime Soon.

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 25th 2009

Any new updates on a new Episode with W&G or anything Nicks making?

crackingtoast Posted: Dec 27th 2009

unfornately not,but i do think there may be a few more w&g adverts in the new year and obviously the new series.

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 27th 2009

oh, cause i was wondering y nothing new was hapening..

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Dec 29th 2009

TWT Wasn't The First Wallace And Gromit Film, CT.


crackingtoast Posted: Dec 30th 2009

I Know That Jamie,But I Said It Was The First Film I Saw. Read More Carefully,Thanks.

Aardeej Posted: Dec 31st 2009

Just seen TWT on BBC1 a few minutes ago, and they did play the original music.

Speaking of the music, I always wonder why Wallace can't hear it! :D

Purple&Brown Posted: Jan 1st 2010

The first post in the new year on the latest news forum!!

Gromit lad Posted: Jan 2nd 2010

I just no something bigs gonna happen...just like a jack in the box...the tunes still playing but once nicks done somethng...

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