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sam swan Posted: Sep 22nd 2007

Hey guys, i've only recently started getting quite good at claymation. and i was wandering if you guys have any ideas on storys.

please don't suggest any violent ones. as i am not into that type of stuff.

thanks x

Harry07 Posted: Sep 26th 2007

A Kid Called Rex...
And He Thinks He Is A SuperHero
His Den Is His Wardrobe
He Moves Out Of His House
He Ends Up Living In A DustBin On The Street
A Trash Van Picks Him Up
He Gets Dumped In A Tip
It Ends At A Cliffhanger

sam swan Posted: Sep 26th 2007

thanks thats a really good idea!! i will try do that as soon as possible!!!

thanks lots!

lenny1 Posted: Oct 7th 2007

keep your ideas simple so you only have 1 or 2 sets so it doesnt complicate things.try and use one character as well so you can really improve your skills on one guy. i will get back to you on some animation ideas

springwizard Posted: Oct 13th 2007

Here's one. An Irish lassie who is but twelve years old has three brothers,Patrick,Rudyard and Danny. Her name is Meghanna Mallone and her best friend is an extraterrestrial talking rabbit Named Jaybee. Jaybee has extraordinary radioactive super powers that help him protect meg from vicious super-villians. He like to pretend that he's Tom Jones,though,saddly,truth be told,he can't carry a tune in a tin pail. He sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk.

cross head Posted: Oct 13th 2007

dont copy wallace

plasjas Posted: Nov 20th 2007

there could be a hermit who lives in a tree who comes out only to find no one else around so he came out for nothing and goes back in to his treehouse

concon Posted: Nov 26th 2007

a woman and a man on a boat running away
the womans a princess
they buy a island and build a town on it
then a rocket comes and lifts up the island
puts a big ball round it
and takes it to space
then the man is walking
he slips
falls and the glass ball breaks and the space island land back on earth
in the middle of the ocean

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 16th 2007

i am working on an animation called ping and pong, it realates a bit to purple and brown.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 17th 2007

I am working on a short of W&G for the Creation of the Month called A BAD BREAKFAST, which is my first attempt at animation. It might be a teeny bit violent as Wallace'll probably get hit in the feet with mallets. But I have lots of other ideas, such as W&G being accused of murder but anything you want to know, just ask!;)

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 17th 2007

does your movie have any bad people such as feathers or preston????

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 18th 2007

I don't know if you're talking to me but if you are, then I might do some with Feathers or Preston but probably later. Right now I'm going to focus on other stuff like the idea of PC Macintosh being stabbed and Wallace and Gromit catch a glimpse of the criminal but W&G are fasley accussed and are sentenced to death. The rest of it is hush-hush!;)

Harry Posted: Dec 21st 2007

Oii, The White Clay Ball Is Already On Youtube, You Will Be Called A Cheater If You Put That On So Dont Lie

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

I wouldn't dream of it, Harry.;)

Harry Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

Whoa. HOW THE HECK DID YOU MAKE THAT??!!!! Seriously! Tell me at the beginning and just go!

Harry Posted: Dec 22nd 2007

No No No, I Didnt Make It, Someone Else Did But mrpianokeys Was Planning Of Fake Stealing It So I Warned Everyone That If He Puts It On It Wont Be One Of His Animations, Get It, Harry

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Oh, right. Thanks for explaining that, Harry.;)

lemon06 Posted: Jan 1st 2008

A girl called Rosie and a boy called Max went in the sea. They found aruby and it was cursed so they were cursed. They got rid of it and the curse passed on. PLEASE REPLY!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 3rd 2008

Reply about what?

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 4th 2008

does anyone no wer i can get sum beads 4 eyes thanx

mrpianokeys Posted: Jan 12th 2008

good luck everyone with your animations

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

I need to know about beads too! Yes, good luck everyone! Mrpianokeys, have you seen me and Leopard's thread about our New Plan in the General chat section?:D

mrpianokeys Posted: Jan 12th 2008

mark you can get beads from lots of places. different people have different places from where they get them from but i got mine from clothes shops on the accessories part.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Okay. Thanks Mrpianokeys. Have you seen me and Leopard's thread?:D

mrpianokeys Posted: Jan 13th 2008

yes i have seen yours and leopards thread

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Did you reply?:)

mrpianokeys Posted: Feb 7th 2008


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