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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 10th 2008

We are proud to announce the following winners of December’s Creation of the Month:

1st Prize – Certificate signed by Nick Park, a copy of Fleeced! and a cracking W&G DVD!

dachappell for a very skilled combination of script, models and animation in this Christmas film!

Runners up – A copy of Wallace & Gromit’s 3 Cracking Adventures

Mark the Shark for a great action-shot drawing of W&G escaping a fireball!
Kirst_t for a great little W&G set – we loved the attention to detail!
Jordan for his brilliant models of Piella and Wallace – just in time for the start of production on Trouble At’ Mill!

Well done to all our winners! We will be in touch shortly regarding your prizes. If you didn’t get picked for December, why not try again this month where you can win an authentic W&G film cell!

The winner of January’s competition will be drawn in early February.

You can view past winners of our competition at any time by following the link below:

We’d like to say a special thank you to Corgi for providing this month’s Fleeced! board game prize. You can buy a copy of this cracking game by clicking here

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Oh my gosh! I won! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I ACTUALLY WON AS A RUNNER-UP!!! Oh my gosh! This is incredible!:D

J-Snake Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Great job every one!!

jordan Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Jordan Faints OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks very much

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 10th 2008

I almost fainted! I haven't won anything in my life!;)

cavor Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Congratulations all well deserved winners

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Thanks Cavor!;)

conty Posted: Jan 10th 2008

well done all you winners, great job:)

goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 10th 2008

arrrrrr i should of won but mark well done m8

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 10th 2008

Thank Conty and goatmaster99. What was your thing again goatmaster99?:D

Joruus Posted: Jan 10th 2008


cinders1 Posted: Jan 11th 2008

great job you winners;)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Thank you to you both!;)

Fish Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Well done, all of you!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Thanks, Fish!:D

JacobM Posted: Jan 12th 2008

How do I make friends on my list?:-|

Josephine Posted: Jan 12th 2008



Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Thanks Josephine. JacobM, I don't know either. They haven't made one yet, OK?;)

JacobM Posted: Jan 13th 2008

OK best friend online WE have a lot in commen!

The Quans Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Congratulations dachappell on the win! And to Mark the Shark, dachappell, and Jordan winning runners up. All really fun. :)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Thanks, The Quans. Welcome back! We haven;t seen you in AGES! Are you going to stay and upload stuff that you've made?:D

debeller Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Congratulations to the winner and Runners up, well done

jills Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Smashing work! Amazing talent all 'round.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 15th 2008

Thank you to all! Hey, Jills! It's great to see you back!:D

terminator987 Posted: Jan 15th 2008

mark the shark congratulations and by the way i am making wallace as the were rabbit i think it will be nice...|-):);)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 16th 2008

Thank you. I'm looking forward to it!;)

terminator987 Posted: Jan 17th 2008

ok who wait's he is waiting lol:-|:D

The Quans Posted: Jan 18th 2008

I've been busy. But yes I plan on sharing some things. Not quite sure yet how soon, maybe I'll just post some pics on the things i've made, forum, here. to show the process... The in the works kind of thing. May be fun. I was going to look into if Aardman looks at ideas or written works like Wallace And Gromit scripts for shorts. I have a fun idea they haven't done yet as far as i'm aware. 8)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

What Terminator? YES! I can't wait to see yer stuff, Quans! Your old one was just fabulous! We'd love to see them!:D

nona Posted: Jan 19th 2008

well done everyone!!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Welcome to the site Nona and thank you.

conty Posted: Jan 20th 2008

the quans, i would love to see your works in progress:)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008


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