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mqueen9557 Posted: Jan 16th 2010

i planing a wallace and gromit stories series there will be 2 seasonz includin a halloween and christmas specials. shaun from a close shave will be in them to.
any ideas thx :D -The Race King

mqueen9557 Posted: Jan 17th 2010

if you all wondering about this:
- The Race King its my new logo only for this thread

mqueen9557 Posted: Jan 19th 2010

where is everybody go:-(

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 20th 2010

will it be clay animation?
or cartooon?

mqueen9557 Posted: Jan 24th 2010

just stories.the first story plot is: Wallace, Shaun and Gromit go back to the moon for the moon cheese. But suprises await them......
the first episide is coming out in march ps i need ideas;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Jan 25th 2010

"i need ideas" No you do not! Just start a bit, let your imagination go wild! Soon your brain will be bursting with great ideas!
-That's a tip not an attack-

mqueen9557 Posted: Jan 29th 2010

thx shaun:D

Clay Play Posted: Feb 10th 2010

trust me when i say this it will take you much longer until march if you are starting form scratch

mqueen9557 Posted: Feb 14th 2010

second plot: Wallace finds a new love after Piella past on. Her Name is Alice Tweedy(XD) and she has come to help Wallace and the Gang(Shaun, Fluffles and Gromit) with their new Service whilst her parents on Holiday. more of plot when my brain starts workin'

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 15th 2010

Mr and mrs. Tweedy's Daughter?

mqueen9557 Posted: Feb 21st 2010

yeah they escaped a prison just because chickens were harrased XD

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

they were put in the prison because...they were mean too chickens?

plasjas Posted: Feb 22nd 2010

you should make them :)

mqueen9557 Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

to Plasjas :-|

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

why not?

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

or make models of them at least if not a short film

mqueen9557 Posted: Feb 28th 2010

because aardman take their time i dont own clay models just because of stories make your own

- The W&G King

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 1st 2010

mqueen9557,i don't want to burst you're bubble but chicken run is set in the 1950's. wallace and gromit is not.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 2nd 2010

great great granchild?

mqueen9557 Posted: Mar 3rd 2010

@Clay Fighter : possibbly:)

@crackingtoast i apologize;)

plasjas Posted: Mar 3rd 2010

mcqueen, sorry i dont understand your last post, are you saying aardman take there time in making models and you don't own any?

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 3rd 2010

mqueen9557,no need to apologize! it's just a little contiunity error,that's all. maybe she's their great great granddaughter?

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 4th 2010

yea,like i said!

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 4th 2010

But youve got to remember that Wallace and Gromit was set in the fifties region too

Shaunyandtimmy500 Posted: Mar 4th 2010

Yeah they were

mqueen9557 Posted: Mar 4th 2010

to all posting here: :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 5th 2010

no one knows for sure what time it is but its not definately in the 50's its morew than likely in the present times!

concon Posted: Mar 5th 2010

Yah present times with a sprinkle of old people. ;)

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 5th 2010

alright chill. The guy who created W&G said that its was set around about the fifties.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 5th 2010

the guy?
you mean nick park?
he has never said when it was set!

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 6th 2010

yeah he did. He said it was set around the fifties to present day. So McQueen could well be right.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 6th 2010

yes,so technically it is in its own timeless boundry,so there is no time that it is set in.

concon Posted: Mar 7th 2010

Oh my god. I can't actually believe that you two are fighting over the smallest little thing that doesn't even affect you! You really should get a grip!

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Concone We arent fighting,Its called a friendly debate!
You Need to grow up and Grasp the Concept!

timmythesheep848 Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Lets just all chill out :)

concon Posted: Mar 8th 2010

I need to grow up? LOL.

mqueen9557 Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Calm Down Guys
OK heres some bad news my brain isn't workin so the storys are postponed until 2011
youre all gona be sayin WHY!!!!!! and the you will end up like this guy: :'(
because I need to write the stories and then all parts of the stories will be uploaded. ok?


shaun the lamb Posted: Mar 11th 2010

You can predict the future.
WHY!?!?!?!? :'(

mqueen9557 Posted: Mar 12th 2010


plasjas Posted: Mar 13th 2010

ooh an argument....YAY haha, kidding. Does it matter though all we know is that it is the most amazing films / shorts ever made !

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 14th 2010

ummm,i believe wallace and gromit is the 60's. that's what a very useful website i came across a while ago said. i'll find it for you now. but what's the point of arguing over a setting?

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 15th 2010

not sure,but in the interview he said there was no specific sure.

wghtmf Posted: Mar 18th 2010

I do not believe there is a valid reason for this fight.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 19th 2010


crackingtoast Posted: Mar 20th 2010

yes,a verbal fight,clay fighter. it's not needed. who cares when wallace and gromit is set? it's timeless in more ways than one and should stay that way,though i do not think it's set in present day. look at the designs of the televisions and ntoice the programmes are in black and white. also,the cars and the designs for certain little things are very 60's esque,and remember,when playing music to the marrow in COTWR,gromit uses a record on a record player,not a CD. but as i said,it doesn't matter.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 20th 2010

I think what CFs trying to say Mr Crackingtoast is that we were having moreof a debate or a discussion than a fight, verbal or otherwise.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 20th 2010

jamie understands!
but i think its like...not in present or 60's but like in wallace and gromit time doesnt exist...dont ya think?

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 21st 2010

I agree its like a big muddle of time. youve just gotta remember its a seperate world and therefore a specific time isnt important.

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 21st 2010

I won't argue with you,but i guess nick park's word isn't law then,strangely.

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 1st 2010

well we shouldnt talk about anyone meanly!

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