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I love Bitzer Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

I know that they use such "skellets" but I don't know if they use exactly those....

TFBM knows who KirstenW is.

concon Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

Mmm, I recognise the name. ;)

TFBM thinks Wallace should finally get a gf who ACTUALLY likes him and isn't evil. :)

Siro6 Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

lol, true

TFBM can fly...

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 23rd 2010


TFBM Likes Sushi (In Other Words,Am I The Only One?:beaming:)

plasjas Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

false :) i hate it

TFBM loves wenslydale

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

oooo false-I am keen on it,but i wouldnt say i loved it...i dont have that a close a bond with wenslydale to be honest lol...stilton however,thats a whole other kettle of fish..hmm saint agur stilton on lightly buttered toast.. ah lovely- yum :)

The fan below me........... thinks that it is getting hard to come up with things to end this sentence

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 23rd 2010


TFBM plans to watch a Wallace & Gromit film this week (I think I am going to start with AGDO!)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 23rd 2010

True! I Already have today (AMOLAD)

TFBM..........Loves Jesus

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 24th 2010

false.I dont love him because i dont understand him!

Thinks it is easy too come up with new TFBM's?(i doo)

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

TFBM loves most bands playing at DOwnload Festival 2010 apart from Bullet for my Valentine

concon Posted: Feb 24th 2010

Depends who is playing.

TFBM has also noticed that none of the above TFBM thingys are Aardman related because nobody can think of any.

666joshy666 Posted: Feb 24th 2010

Hehe, yup!

TFBM can't wait until W&G's new TV show comes out...

wghtmf Posted: Feb 24th 2010


TFBM is actually Wallace holding a sausage.

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

TFBM agrees with concons statement, but knows there are only so many aardman related things to talk about

wghtmf Posted: Feb 24th 2010


TFBM like curry

Seb Moderator Posted: Feb 24th 2010

Half true - I like well made curry, but not suspicious looking ones...!!

TFBM Has heard the quote "Money Money Money Bob!" before.

concon Posted: Feb 24th 2010

False but I suspect its to do with Bad Bob outta Rex The Runt

TFBM follows W&G on twitter!

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 24th 2010

false-i didnt know they were on twitter..hmm i will have to look into that lol

the fan below me would like to have a bike and side car,like in a close shave

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

False, i want a classic mini...yay i can drive soon :)

TFBM Thinks it is better when W and G fingerprints are better than very smooth plasticine

Ursrut Posted: Feb 24th 2010

True- it makes it look so much... oh i don't know how to discribe it but i think it is better.

TFBM really doesn't know what to write when it comes to write this.

concon Posted: Feb 24th 2010


TFBM will audition for Sheep Big Bro series 2!

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

TFBM username begins with Ur and ends in srut

fluffles the poodle Posted: Feb 24th 2010

false-lol never heard of it,and last time i checked im not a sheep ,so not sure i can participate and im a shy,quite reserved sorta person so participating big brother is my idea of a nightmare

The fan below me would like to own a bakery like in amolad (as long as there werent any phycopathic bread haters around)

plasjas-cool,ive recently reached the age to drive to,sadly i dont think i could afford a mini though lol

edit-sorry i keep doing this..posting when i havent realised someone has posted...

plasjas Posted: Feb 24th 2010

not a new mini, the really old ones :) like mr beans you can get them fairly cheap im a few months off driving though...time to save.

True - owning a bakery would be great
TFBM thinks that wallace should change his clothes once in a while

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 25th 2010

FALSE!he has pyjamas,isnt that enough?

thinks aardman is the best animation company?(be honest)

Ursrut Posted: Feb 25th 2010

aha plasjas!
Bad luck i was asleep by then!

True- I don't know other ones that makes such verity of stuff and methods.

TFBM is planning to go to university

concon Posted: Feb 25th 2010

False - Bit early to be thinking about that, Im not even in high school. ;)

TFBM is also off school for the first time in 2 years because of the snow!

plasjas Posted: Feb 25th 2010

False, i was off two months ago for two weeks becasue of snow.
TFBM thinks that aardman should create there own themepark

concon Posted: Feb 25th 2010

True, I once designed rollercoasters and stuff for rides that could be there!

TFBM likes Lady Tottington more than Piella.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Feb 25th 2010

False shes annoying

tfbm has seen pingu

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 25th 2010

He certainly has!

TFBM likes The Beatles (Please Somebody Say Yes,I Can't Be The Only One!)

Ursrut Posted: Feb 25th 2010

True! i used to listen to golden oldies for music so grew up listening to it!

TFBM- is concon

plasjas Posted: Feb 25th 2010

TFBM likes the programe Two and a Half Men

Fish Posted: Feb 25th 2010

False - never watched it.

TFBM knos who Rocky and Bullwinkle are and has enjoyed watching them.

concon Posted: Feb 25th 2010

Half and half. I know who they are! :)

TFBM knows how many chickens are in this picture.

Ursrut Posted: Feb 26th 2010


TFBM enjoys comming back from school/work and reading the wallace and gromit forum |-)

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 26th 2010

TFBM is cold? im guessing if ur in the Uk sumwhere you will be,but in Western Australia at the moment its 40 degrees celcious so my answer would be!

Ursrut Posted: Feb 26th 2010

I'm pretty cold, there is a rough wind blowing in my part.

TFBM has looked at the aardman site recentely ( i'm running out of ideas here!)

Fish Posted: Feb 26th 2010


TFBM is sick of snow and cold weather.

plasjas Posted: Feb 26th 2010

Definetley, we have like 2 meteres where we are!
TFBM has built a snowman this year

concon Posted: Feb 26th 2010

True, two or three. :)

TFBM likes to act stupid to get easier maths.

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 26th 2010

true...but totally irrelevant!

TFBM~ Owns or is wearing W&G socks?

Fish Posted: Feb 27th 2010

True! 4 pairs!

TFBM wants one of the new Robert Harrop figurines .

wandgfan21 Posted: Feb 27th 2010

true i would love to but they are just too expensive...

TFBM has a make your own morph kit.

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 27th 2010

True,And I Love It! I've Made A Few Morph Animations With It,Aswell,And Even Made My Own Grandmorph And Chas. It Was Great Fun!

TFBM Has Complete The 'Invention Suspension' Game!

I love Bitzer Posted: Feb 27th 2010

Right! Completed but not perfected ;)

TFBM knows the band "System of a Down".

Ursrut Posted: Feb 27th 2010


TFBM is getting excited at the prospect of having 7 degrees as a temperature next week ( yes i know, i think i've been in england too long! :bigsmile:)

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Feb 27th 2010

no i honestly dont care

tfbm has seen the x files

I love Bitzer Posted: Feb 27th 2010


TFBM had or still has this winter under -5 ° C.

ajmole Posted: Feb 27th 2010

Don't know.

TFBM is a W&G fanatic.

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