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gromitomatic Posted: Jun 11th 2012

TFBM has made a plasticine bunny from Curse Of The WereRabbit (I have, quite easy reallly, just watch the clip on the dvd. No armature, use fuzzy wire) 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 12th 2012

False. I don't own any plasticine at the moment.

The fan below me owns a W&G or STS memento/toy of some sort. (I have a Shaun the Sheep plushie toy and storybook)

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jun 12th 2012

True, I have a plush toy as well
TFBM has some REALLY pointless homework to do today. ;)

Nathan M Posted: Jun 13th 2012

False, but ive got a exam later so maybe revision 

tfbm has an exam today 

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 16th 2012

False  tfbm loves candy!

Fish Posted: Jun 16th 2012

True! I eat too many sweets.

TFBM is going to do something really fun this summer.  

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 17th 2012

True, I get to be a teacher at a VBS this summer!

The Fan Below Me likes blackberries.

Fish Posted: Jun 18th 2012

True - but I love blueberries even more!

TFBM has made ice cream....  

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 19th 2012


uses tweening rather than frame by frame in flash(I dont have it but I want it) 

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 19th 2012

false!!!!!! I don't know what that is                                                                               tfbm     loves clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                               

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 20th 2012

OOG: Something is up with the swear filter i cant post what i wanted to post im a oldie to the site and im not ever gunna curse here

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 24th 2012

False, I prefer wet sand as a sculpting material.

The Fan Below me likes fireworks!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 25th 2012



has a cup with his/her name on it 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 25th 2012

In the literal sense, no; however, I do own a cup that has "my name on it" in the figurative sense, as it's my special cup and no one else uses it.

The Fan Below me has a garden!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 27th 2012


TFBM has seen the movie "The Sandlot" 

Fish Posted: Jun 27th 2012

True - several times, actually.

TFBM plays Baseball. 

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 28th 2012

false, but I'd love to. It's a great sport

the fan below me plays a sport regularly 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jun 28th 2012

True, CoEd Softball every fall.

The Fan Below Me has written a story/poem before.

Ursrut Posted: Jul 4th 2012


TFBM is bored. 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 4th 2012

False, far from it.


THe Fan Below Me likes the Perry Mason books/TV show.

Nathan M Posted: Jul 5th 2012

False - never heard of it

TFBM likes orange juice 

Morgause Posted: Jul 5th 2012


TFBM likes reading 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 5th 2012

True, emphatically so.

The Fan Below Me owns every last Wallace and Gromit Adventure! (Not including cracking contraptions)

Nathan M Posted: Jul 5th 2012


TFBM likes spider-man 

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jul 6th 2012

Um, sorry, not really if we're talking about the movies. False. I don't hate him though.

TFBM likes the old Tim Burton "Batman" movies, especially " Batman Forever" :)

Nathan M Posted: Jul 6th 2012


TFBM has made something with plastercine 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 7th 2012

False, but I've got an "Animate It!" kit shipping to my house as we speak so it will be true in a week or so.

The Fan Below Me has been flown somewhere by a jet, plane, or helicopter.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 8th 2012

true! And next week I'll be taking an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong!
TFBM is listening to music at the moment

wallace2303 Posted: Jul 8th 2012


TFBM believes that legends of golds rumour is true.
(I don't know, however saw a message from aardman saying that nick park was working on other things, so maybe not)
but really don't know.

Ursrut Posted: Jul 10th 2012

False- I know nothing about a legends of gold rumour

TFBM has built a model recently- Will be posting a pick of mine soon 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 10th 2012

False. I'm planning to sketch one soon, though.

The Fan Below me prefers the swimming pool to be cold instead of hot.  

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 10th 2012

I like when its warm not to hot not to cold 


Has a swiming pool 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 10th 2012

False, but I know people who do. And I swim in hotel pools a lot.

The Fan Below Me has won a creation contest on here or STS.

Nathan M Posted: Jul 11th 2012


Tfbm likes feathers mcgraw

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 12th 2012



The fan below me likes the "Andy Griffith Show".

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jul 12th 2012

TFBM likes the Marx brothers.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 12th 2012

True, especially Chico.

The Fan Below Me prefers Lady Tottington to Wendolene or Piella.

Fish Posted: Jul 16th 2012


TFBM has had some extreme weather where they live - flood, storms, hurricanes, tornado, etc. 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

True, lots of t-storms around here lately.

The Fan Below me has read a book by Dorothy L. Sayers, or watched a show made from one.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

False. :P

The fan below me has a job.

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 17th 2012

false am still a student duh 

tfbm owns an ipod touch i have and there awesome  

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2012

True, and you could still have a job.

I am 14 and animate for 30,000 dollars.

TFBM animates for money

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 18th 2012

I wish and your 14 and and animate for WHAT!?! THATS CRAZY!!! I want to do that 


Wishes they could make as much money as harryboy or even half as much 

LoveShaun19 Posted: Jul 18th 2012

True! I'm not obsessive over money, but it would be nice to have some! :)
TFBM just had their nails done. :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 18th 2012

I'm A dude


likes pen and paper over technology

Nathan M Posted: Jul 18th 2012


tfbm watches the big bang theory  

Ursrut Posted: Jul 19th 2012


TFBM likes baking. 

EmmyRed18 Posted: Jul 19th 2012

True, especially scones and cookies.

The Fan Below Me has grown their own vegetables before.

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 19th 2012


TFBM has written a letter to Nick Park 

Nathan M Posted: Jul 20th 2012


Tfbm, likes the sims 

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