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MotionMe Posted: Mar 6th 2010


it's on the 7th (well, in the us ) :-|

tfbm is glad people like
plasjas and
crackingtoast are back :D:D:D:D

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 6th 2010


Is playing TFBM

ajmole Posted: Mar 6th 2010

True, how did you guess??? :O

TFBM likes but not

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 7th 2010


tfbm has seen the Mr Bean movie

plasjas Posted: Mar 7th 2010

TRUE - I love mr bean
TFBM thinks wallace and gromit will deffo win an oscar

wghtmf Posted: Mar 7th 2010


TFBM is Wallace spitting out a sausage in an afterlife.

ajmole Posted: Mar 7th 2010

False, Wallace isn't dead yet!!!

TFBM likes more then

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 8th 2010

TFBM~ is dissapointed W&G didnt win an oscar

plasjas Posted: Mar 8th 2010


TFBM though that the hurt locker won too many awards :)

concon Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Umm not sure, I never watched. :P

TFBM hates Avatar and agrees that is was a waste of money.

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Depends who tht person ur speaking to...........

TFBM: Would be in a mascot parade as either Wallace or Gromit.... if it was 102* outside >:-)


Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 9th 2010


Loved avatar and thought it was money well spent!!

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

Ugghh False!

TFBM joined in our party last night! :D

Ursrut Posted: Mar 9th 2010

false- what party?? darn *sniff* darn this cold i have made me miss out on a party

TFBM- loved Nick Parks bowtie!

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

OOG - Well all of us 'spammers' from STS came on here and had a spamming party. :D
And now we are all on moderation for bringing a little fun to the site. ;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 10th 2010

Loved avatar and thought it was money well spent!!

ben 2 Posted: Mar 10th 2010

True with a capital T!!!
Loved AIW and thought it was money well spent!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 10th 2010

likes cheese on crackers

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 10th 2010

#1 Couch Patato snack!

TFBM- Closet has a secret W&G collection, I kept those bakingkit boxes, lol.......

plasjas Posted: Mar 10th 2010

Emm, False

TFBM hasnt got there mum anything for mothers day yet.

Ursrut Posted: Mar 10th 2010

true- unfortauntely, i dunno what i'm going to get i think i need a serious conversation with my sister.

TFBM- thinks that we need more w&g socks out on sale

wghtmf Posted: Mar 11th 2010


TFBM thinks that a rubber glove is a better disguise than those eyes-joined-to-moustache-joined-to-big-nose things.

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 12th 2010


tfbm~ is sorry for me since my pc broke due to a power cut and i needed 2 buy a new motherboard?

shaun the lamb Posted: Mar 12th 2010

TFBM- Is sick too?

Ursrut Posted: Mar 12th 2010

so TRUE. how'd you know ;).

TFBM has done their art exam or is going to be doing their art exam soon.

wghtmf Posted: Mar 12th 2010

False, we only have English and Maths exams this low down in my school, and it's only near the end of the summer term.

TFBM likes more than the robot

plasjas Posted: Mar 13th 2010

TRUE...TFBM is going to have an amazing time tonight

wghtmf Posted: Mar 13th 2010

False, that would be tommorow

TFBM likes Hutch's version of "CHEESE!" more than Wallace's version.

Seb Moderator Posted: Mar 13th 2010

Half True - I think they're both brilliant!

TFBM has watched a Wallace and Gromit film in the last week.

nam man06 Posted: Mar 13th 2010

True: Curse of the were rabbit
TFBM: Cant wait till the new Dennis and gnasher game comes out! :D

wghtmf Posted: Mar 13th 2010

True definitely, do you mean the one on the website or am I missing something?

TFBM likes waffles

plasjas Posted: Mar 13th 2010

True , who doesnt
TFBM has done homework this weekend :(

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 13th 2010


TFBM has dscovered the answer to life, the universe and everything

ajmole Posted: Mar 13th 2010

True, have you been reading Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life?

TFBM is a person who likes W&G.

plasjas Posted: Mar 13th 2010

hmm, ill have to say.......true
TFBM knows that it is fun to build snowmen :)

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 13th 2010

Except when those ppl come and knock it over.....

TFBM- Would have to leave to Disneyland/world if Aardman joined Disney..... and tht W&G had thr own theme section/giftshop/fod/.....


wandgfan21 Posted: Mar 14th 2010

false 1) that would never happen 2) Too expensive to just go and see that part when the nearest disney land to me is over the channel in paris.

TFBM is reading a science fiction book.

wghtmf Posted: Mar 14th 2010


TFBM prefers to

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 14th 2010

I think....No! They are both very good, I don't have a favourite! For example I love A gradn day out (W&G) and some of the STS episodes, but in complete, I don't have any favourite....

TFBM likes Shaun in A close Shave more than in STS

ben 2 Posted: Mar 14th 2010

gosh thats a hard one but there is more of him in sts so true kinda

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 14th 2010


TFBM~ has or is reading A book and for some reason related to thsi site while reading it?(BTW im reading the 'a series of unfortunate events' series)

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 14th 2010

False Ive been reaading Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life :D

TFBM has eaten cheese in the last 48 hours

plasjas Posted: Mar 14th 2010

False, i havent even eaten a proper meal in the last 48 hours let alone luxury cheese.

plasjas Posted: Mar 14th 2010

TFBM thinks that i need a new avatar

wghtmf Posted: Mar 14th 2010



fluffles the poodle Posted: Mar 14th 2010

lol um true.
tfbm likes ellie goulding

plasjas Posted: Mar 15th 2010

sort of. starryeyed is okay , but a bit borng
TFBM is making a new clay model?

Fish Posted: Mar 15th 2010

False. I'm no good at such things.

TFBM has been a member of this forum for over a year.

fluffles the poodle Posted: Mar 15th 2010

true,joined december 2008..or around that time
tfbm plays ukulele

ben 2 Posted: Mar 15th 2010

the uklea what? ohhh that funny instrument false but i do sing

TFBM can sing

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