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Mark the shark Posted: Feb 19th 2008

No, I'm guessing. It's rather obvious, I think.:D

Fish Posted: Feb 19th 2008

What we are all missing is the actual plot of the film!:D We are just speculating....

cinders1 Posted: Feb 19th 2008

i guess its fun to speculate, but i really dont want to know too much of what is really in the film, i think it will take the excitement away, though i would love to hear updates of how production is going;)

gromitlove Posted: Feb 21st 2008

Now why would anyone name an evil character something as pleasant as "Piella?" hmmm...

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

Well said Cinders!;)

killerbullet Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

I think you should do a film set in world war 2. They could start off in england relaxing and tring to biuld more mishines when the war starts. They could first start in a training camp, then be put in the trenches with wallace walking around all relaxed and gromit jumping around tring to doj the bullets. Then they could be but in a plane and parachute over german town and start using their inventions to stop the germans. And maybe wallace might fall in love with a english women in the trianing camp.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 24th 2008

No. That would spoil W&G I think.:DWelcome anyway.;)

conty Posted: Feb 24th 2008

uumm i agree nothing comical about war, ;)

arnymate Posted: Feb 24th 2008

Is john wright model making making the sets. (as they are being delivered)?

jordan Posted: Feb 24th 2008

Cod Steaks builds the sets

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 24th 2008

Where is Beeky?:-(

kimber Posted: Feb 26th 2008

Mark -
Beeky had chicken pox last time I heard.

Fish Posted: Feb 26th 2008

Beeky is still sick?????????:O POOR BEEKY!!!:-(
Get well, Beeky - we miss you!!!!!!!!!! :)

Gags Posted: Feb 27th 2008

Why was the name changed to "Matter of Loaf and Death" Beeky or anyone??

cinders1 Posted: Feb 27th 2008

i think that someone should let us know if beekys ok, to not hear anything for weeks now is troubling seeing as he has been ill, even if you have no updates on the film, please let us know if beekys ok!!!!!!

Josephine Posted: Feb 27th 2008

Quite right, too, cinders1. No progress reports, no sign of Cheeky Beeky...indeed, it is all very worrying!


cavor Posted: Feb 28th 2008

It could be a good sign that he is back at work and hasn't had time get to do any posting here!! to busy working on &

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 28th 2008

Where is he? Please come back!;)

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